How much time do you invest in trading?

Same thing here, I have a main job, and when I started trading, I spent 2 hours a week on a demo account. Now, it has increased to almost 10 hours per week

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I only look at one time frame;the D1. I trade US500, NAS100, US30 and Gold. So, each morning, it only takes me one glance at each of the charts to see if i have a setup or not. I do not waste time analysing the markets anymore

I can only trade on school breaks or public holidays because by the time Iā€™m done with school for the day, the market has already started slowing down so no liquidity
Even on public holidays, there will probably be less liquidity since firms and people are taking a break

But even when I do trade, I only check the charts every 30 minutes to see if I have a setup