How much time do you invest in trading?

I have other job besides forex trading and I can’t invest more than 2 yours on average in trading. What about you?

Less than 2 hours a day on average, don’t have time to do it every day. In terms of hourly income, it is probably 10x as rewarding as my job. However I don’t have anywhere near a large enough pool of money or appetite for risk to quit my good job and do this for a living. I think I’d get bored anyway.

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All day every day.


Particularly to say, I don’t have enough time to invest in trading but I have two-day home office- Wednesday and Thursday. And I trade during these two days.

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I will trade an hour or so between Tuesday to Thursday providing my mindset is Zen aligned with my strategy and strict process, and not elsewhere worrying about life as a whole.

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Whaterver time you invest in making great trades and managing open positions, invest more than that in planning.

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.“
-Abraham Lincoln


All day every day live and breath it forex is my life

An hour on average, I’m not a full-time trader and I got other things to do. The only thing is that I try to be consistent with it. Even though I’m not trading all day, the consistent is an important factor.

Me too. For my situation 2 to 2:30 hours.

Always check the graphs in the morning. Check if there are good setups. If yes I plan when to go in. If not I wait for good setups.

Next day, I repeat.
Simple as this.

My trading time for now is around 7am - 11am NY time. I also still have my day job (8pm - 5am NY time) so during this time what I do is only check the Marketmilk currency strength meter snapshot just to prepare which pair should I be focusing on in case I trade NY session. Maybe have a glance at the daily timeframe once in a while also.

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Every time I go to the bathroom😂
Just kidding. I try to pay as little attention to trading as I can because it negatively impacts my analytics. But it also varies from day to day. Sometimes it’s more because I need to consider all the fundamentals or the price is near the pivot level that I was waiting for some time.
And sometimes there is nothing happening on the market and you just need to open the chart, ensure that nothing happens indeed and shut everything down.

For me personally, I spent about two hours a day for forex trading.

I used to spend 10hrs a day. Investing 10 hours a day in trading can be excessive and lead to burnout. I tried to use less time, I became a better trader.

About an hour a day, a little more for trade management if I have an open position. I live in the eastern U.S. (New York time).

I’ll check the charts (1D) and news calendar once or twice during the day. If I find a likely setup, I’ll set a stop order in the evening, after the spreads have settled down from the U.S. session close…

For me 5 minutes a day is more than enough. In fact, a minute is enough for me to set up my orders and adjust my existing positions close my charts and go farming

omg, seriously? Five minutes a day for trading? How can you set everything up so quickly? :sob:

I’m working fulltime, but i try to trade three times a day. 1. before work, 2. after work, 3. before i go to bed. Before and after work i just check the trades or sometimes place a trade.

yup, recently im diversifying my funds, im venturing more into crypto but i keep an account making a couple of small trades a day, keep my eyes mostly on majors. an hour a day maybe just to stay with in the loop of things