How much time do you spend trading on forex


How much time do you spend for trading on Forex in a day?
Because I start thinking that I trade to much

I look at charts for about 20 minutes in one session, and I do that about 3 times a day.

15 minutes every day i think it is enough.

Interesting, and what about news? Do read news, before trading?

Between 30 - 45 mins a day. Spend more time on here to be honest

I trade short term alot. This makes me sometimes stare at my Profiforex MT4 platform for 5 to 10 mins. I spend on an average 40 mins per day.

i will look the chart in opening of newyork market . for that time i will spend just 30 minutes to decide will entry or still wait for next days , i think day trade is more relax with wait best moment in bigger time frame .

Ranging from 20-40mins every night after the candlestick closes for the daily.

I trade between 7AM-12PM EST including chart work, analysis, reading news, updating my trading journal, etc. I average about 30-50 pips a day and my strategy requires following price movements on an intraday level. However, I make good use of price alerts so I’m not constantly staring at charts and have time for things like working out or whatever else. I’m looking to start trading 2AM-12PM in order to double what I currently make with high probability accuracy (which requires a tactical approach and being selective).

You shouldn’t be constantly staring at charts. Have your charts running, but do other things while you wait for setups or while managing your trades. For example, I’m getting into quantitative analysis in order to build a strategy which tracks certain market participants net positions and bias, and this requires strong mathematical and coding skills. I like to look into this stuff when my focus doesn’t need to be on charts. Just constantly staring at your charts and trades just adds stress and messes with your thoughts/emotions.

Just make good use of price alerts.

This is a great question. People don’t realize how much time a professional trader spends or let’s say doesn’t spend trading in a day. I think it’s great that you’re realizing what your inner voice is telling you. If you become a good trader you’ll also become a master of doing nothing so to speak.

For the short term account: Every 1-4 hours i have a look, monitoring and/or adjusting positions/stops
For the long term account: once a day monitoring and/or adjusting positions/stops

As for me, I trade 2-3 hours a day.
Read news, make some notes, coffee and start trading

few hours a day… i’d say. I don’t actually enter in trades everyday, but I spend a good amount of time on trading related activities.

It’s good to trade in the best time for you because trading everyday won’t guarantee you to get good result as overall in trading too. If you can find out the best time for entry and exit point so it’s possible to reach the target without spending time in front of chart everyday, especially for swing traders. It is not necessary to trade every single day.

Are you able to trade the Indices? The charts are moving, but I can’t trade it.

I don’t spend as much time as I want on forex because I’m a doctor. 20 minutes per day is more than I can

How much do you want to earn? Are you seeking part-time profits or full-time profits? You said you think you trade too much then that is all you need. Ignore what others say. Adjust the time to trade until you feel comfortable with it.