How reliable is IQ option as Forex Broker?

IQ option provides many types of Trading like CFD/Crypto and Binary option too. Should I choose IQ option as my Forex Broker?
As far I researched IQ option is CySEC regulated

Personally, I wouldn’t touch any Cyprus regulated broker.
Are there any brokers regulated in your own country?

Short answer, Not Very Reliable
I’ve heard a lot of bad things
i would stay away

and this…

doesn’t mean anything

They are ok for demo - except their platform is really quite hard to master and they insist on quoting in %'s instead of values or Pips, so you get something like;

$100 invested, price - 2% , Close when loss is - 35% Close when Profit is 67%. You CAN access “asset values” and set stops and TPs there, but it still shows % on main screen

There is a picture of a camera ,but when you click it, it wants you to “Upload photograph”

Bid - Ask spread jumps about a LOT !

I went there to look at “Binaries” and had a few bets, but then realised that I won one at a funny time of night and only received 35 cents ! when I bet a dollar. - Daytime was better but still a pretty big difference.

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Yep, i agree with you. I saw a lot of posts about CySec machination systems about regulations they provide to scam brokers

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I can’t say apout IQ option exactly, but I think, that almost all Option brokers are scam. Just because of the spirit of trading options.