How reliable is pip breaker

I want to buy Pip Breaker but i’m being careful so i don’t buy what is just over rated and doesn’t give me my money’s worth

don’t bother buying that. It will just be a waste of your time and money

Oh Really?
it is just over rated i guess

yea, that and any signal services is a waste.A lot are just scams. It’s best to just learn the skill and trade on your own

Thanks alot, I’ll stick to your advice

no problem! and don’t give up when things start to get hard or confusing. Trust the process and eventually you’ll figure things out. Think of it as you going to school to specialize in a certain field. It takes time to learn that skill before you become a pro. So, just think of forex in the same way

I’m not totally new to Forex but i was hoping to get an indicator to make my trade better

I don’t use indicators, just plain price action and S&R, but some can be used for confirmation

Please can you Mentor me

I’m not currently mentoring anyone because I’m still working on my own trading portfolio. But, that’s part of the plan in the near future. Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

its Lagos Nigeria

Have you read any of the Education tab here? The School of Pipsology may be some help to develop your trading knowledge. Give it a try!

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good idea! lol every new trader MUST begin with the Babypips course

Yes, I’m on it

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