How reliable is Stop Loss?


I am a new trader who has been successfully demo trading my system for 4 months now. I am approaching going live.

I realize that NO broker ‘guarantees’ stop loss, and theoretically SL is a function of liquidity at any given moment in the market.

Here’s my question for you veterans:

How reliable is Stop Loss? What have been your experiences? Any horror stories?

My belief is that I will NEVER have more than a certain $$ amount with a broker…with the vast majority of my trading capital existing safely OUTSIDE my brokerage account.

I appreciate any input on this subject.

My stops have always been fulfilled.

but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed.

i guess you’ll always find horror stories.

but don’t let this prevent u from trading live!

There was a thread about this last week

My suggestion would be to also use a price alarm where your stop loss is so you can go and check your platform and see wether actually your stop loss was executed or not.

That could give you peace of mind at some level.:wink:

Going to peruse that thread from last week now…

thanks for the responses

happy trading!

I’ve only had issues a very few times out of hundreds of trades.

The biggest miss I’ve had from my initial stop loss was 8 pips.
And that was during a news announcement.

no probs dude,

happy trading!