How should I start?

I’ve started learning forex about 2 weeks ago and I’m now in the 8th grade.
I also have MetaTrader 4 +$5000 demo account installed and played with it a bit…first day I made $103 ($5,130), second day down $67 ($5,036). So I’ve already seen the ups and downs, but I was wondering…

How should I start with forex?

  1. Finish Babypips school and [B]AFTER[/B] that start with demo account


  1. [B]During[/B] the Babypips school start with a demo account.

PS: Of course I know that I shouldn’t stop learning after I’ve finished the Babypips school.

course before ,demo after ,mini account once you feel ready,but you gonna really learn once you trade real money,you need a litle more time, i started 4 months ago ,and opened a mini account only this week,you need to get really used to the forex jargon…:slight_smile:

You’ll probably get many different answers from many different people because it really all comes down to your personality. I read over a dozen books then went through the school before ever using a DEMO. If I could start over I would most definately play with the DEMO and not even care how I did. I would just get use to how to place orders, how the platform works, understand EVERYTHING you can about leverage & margin. If your not sure what it is then jump ahead in the school since it’s FREE noone will put you in detention :slight_smile: . I did the school about a year & a half ago but I might do it again just for the hell of it since a lot of it has changed. The best part is that you have a whole community ready to help you if your stuck or have questions.


I recommend option #1.