How Successful is the 'So Easy It's Ridiculous' System?

Can anyone tell me their long-term results using The ‘So Easy It’s Ridiculous’ System? Would be great to hear how worked out for you.

Chris Curwen

I’ve wanted to know this as well.

One thing I have noticed about “systems” is they don’t work well unless as a trader you spent time
with it. This can be through developing the system or just demo trading it.

You eventually start to notice specific market conditions that aren’t favorable for the system.

an Expert Adviser would go
"beep boop beep open another sell derp".

a Human Goes
"woah I think I’ve seen this before lets just wait till tomorrow to trade"

Intuition is useful in trading despite what many mechanical traders say.

I think this system was just used in the BabyPips school as a demonstration of how to devise your own system. Are you looking for a system to use? The Cowabunga system, which is an improved version of the “So Easy It’s Ridiculous” system, might be worth looking at. Look in the “Blogs” section of the main site.

Hi, I just tried this system on AUDUSD and lost 7 of 8 trades and broke even on the other one. I hope I can either work out what I was doing wrong or find a better system or else I wouldn’t have a long trading career if I used real money.

remind me when the first usin signal providers. just keep to learn guys.

Our learn never end even all babypips stuff tasted already :slight_smile:

The cowabunga system is a GBPUSD system, not a AUDUSD one.

Goldenmember, you seem like a knowledgeable guy.

Why are some systems suitable for certain currencies only, and not others?

I am testing it with few tweaks like TP is 200 Sl high/lo of 10 candles 10 trade on Aud/cad=+471pips.

I was testing it, but I wouldn’t say that this is the easiest thing to understand. As any other system it requires some time to understand how it works and you need constantly play with it in order to set it up as you need. I prefer to spend my time on other things.

I check the blogs quite often but it doesn’t look like this system is doing well? Here’s his most recent posts: Pip Surfer -

I was following Happy Pip’s system for a while, that had a good run last year.