How the Coronavirus War Economy will change the world

Helloooo. :frowning: Regardless of where you are in the world, I really wish you’re protected and healthy. :pray: It’s been a few weeks since the Enhanced Community Quarantine was implemented in the the Luzon part of the Philippines, and numbers are still continuously rising. :frowning:

People are locked inside their homes. Social distancing is a must. Only essential establishments are open. Most companies have stopped production of their goods. And I think we all know things are bound to change from here. :confused: I’ve been reading about it and I just thought I’d share some with you.

Please please stay safe. I pray we get over this pandemic soon.

" After early blunders, China’s government is working hard to turn Covid-19, first detected in Wuhan in November, into a national success story. It claims draconian measures to suppress the disease have largely worked. Now, by offering assistance to Italy and other badly affected countries, China is reinforcing its credentials as a global leader. The virus has become a soft power tool to overtake its superpower rival, the US."

I don’t want to sound racist, but personally, I hope people remember how this pandemic caught the world off-guard precisely because the Chinese government tried to keep its people quiet and pretend that there’s nothing to worry about. I believe that if other countries were made aware of the real situation, instead of being shrugged off as something that can easily be contained, we could have prepared for it better.

If this opinion offends you, I’m very sorry. :frowning: I just get all riled up whenever I see governments trying to turn this tragedy into an opportunity to push for their agenda.

Just another interesting read that’ll make you realize that this coronavirus outbreak isn’t just a health crisis. There are so many things at play. :frowning:

I don’t think you’re alone with these thoughts!!!

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Thank you so much Steve! :frowning: At least I know I don’t sound super crazy. :frowning: These are just hard times for us and I because of the lockdown, I’m left with nothing but my own thoughts. :frowning: Which country are you from? How are you doing? :open_mouth:

The world is finally focused on one problem, but everyone is dealing with it very differently. Also people’s circumstances vary greatly even in the same country.

I get your anger at China, but to be fair so many governments are handling this badly it’s baffling.

Yes times are hard. I am from England and am doing ok thank you, just worried like everyone about my family and friends. Take care.

I couldn’t agree more. :confused: Now is definitely not the time for politicking pushing for your own agenda. It would really help a lot if countries could discuss their best practices in containing the virus so countries that have almost no plans could have some sort of guide. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I’m from a country that’s not handling the crisis very well. :frowning: Government says we don’t have enough money. :confused: