How to backtest?

I have some things I want to backtest.

What I want to do is roll back on already develpoped charts that were live, and block off the right. Then tick forward and expose one bar at a time as if I was trading what I am testing.

How do I do this in MT4?

Basically I’m bored because it’s the weekend but would like to test some things.

Untick the Auto-Scroll button which is to the right of the zoom buttons, this prevents the chart from jumping to the latest bar which it otherwise does every time there’s a new tick (not a problem in the weekend, but oh so annoying during the week)

After that just roll to the left as far back as you want and then move forward one bar/candle at a time with F12.

If you have the same problem as me, you’ll find that half the new bar is visible even before you scroll forward. The fix is simple, unmaximize the MT4 window and shrick it just a tad and suddenly everything works.

I found a trade simulator a while back: 301 Moved Permanently
Maybe it can be of help, but scrolling by hand works just fine.

Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. Knew there was a function button that did that, coudn’t remember which one.

you can start a simple ea… set it to backtest on slow… and then it will advance and you can pause it whenever u like… attach indicators as you would a live chart

What I do is I just roll back and do it manually, it takes a lot of time charting what my results would be but often my patience has prevented me from making losing trades.

Ninja Trader is free, has free forex feed and can do backtesting… Perhaps this would be beneficial to investigate…

In any event, backtesting and forward testing are so very important to success in trading…

Screen time is most valuable.

it is all here:
Backtesting and Optimization in Metatrader 4 - Expert Advisor Programming