How to Beat the Market Makers at Their Own Game

If you know what you are doing correctly for many years no risk involved in there. By experience and doing the analysis correctly

That was not an answer. Are you here to help people, or sell your services?


Its supply and demand trading with price action. Froex is not rocket science. Who ever follow my charts can learn so many things from them. Be your own guru and do some little hard work. Self study is the best.

I’m unclear what you have seen to make you think you need to tell me these things. But I always want to learn. I’m sure there are many traders with less experience who really want to learn too, but they’re going to need a bit more support from traders who are actually doing it - for example, what does the NZD/USD chart show and what does it teach traders?

Apply supply and demand theory with price action…u will see it

Yes, but what do YOU see?

Easy :slight_smile:

That’s just another chart.

He asked you about your chart, and you replied with the very thing he was questioning.

Many of us are eager to learn. But we need to you to explain a bit more, please.

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You can search the same tropic (how to beat the market…) in forex factory as well. I have explained somestuff in there and many entry examples as well.i will do the same thing in here later. Cheers :beers:

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From Last Week… finding the top and bottoms isn’t hard

Open trades



Just today closed trades …

When you trade with ‘THEM’ you can do this :slight_smile:

Im sure ive seen this guy on FF, I think he just gets a semi about his wins while posting naked charts. If its the same guy then he will charge you want to see his charts drawn up.

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