How to Beat the Market Makers at Their Own Game



This is how i look at it, maybe it’s too simplistic.

A large percentage of trading is done by algorithms. Programs that systemically, unemotionally scalp precise amounts in the most perfect times that will be the most profitable.

If you play chess against a computer, it will systematically destroy you because it ALWAYS makes the most logical move.
You’ll never be able to beat the conputer at chess, but with the board in front of you, you could calculate the most logical move and predict the computers next move.

Profitable trading isnt beating the market. it’s calculating the next, most logical move.


I am very curious to know how this is working out for you so far

I follow trends too…

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There is no way that you can beat the marketers at their own way unless you are them. They have ways to make sure that no matter what you do, you will never be able to earn a lot on forex trading. You will always have an earning range and getting out of it will require more money and effort.


If you want to beat the market makers at their own game then you need to think like them. There are measures that are in place to make sure that traders continue being traders and market movers keep on being market movers. Some of these measures cannot be noticed but they are there.

It is a serious waste of energy and a dangerous distraction to spend your time plotting and programming how to beat the market-makers. Or the big banks. Or the HFT outfits. Or the central banks. Or whoever else you think needs to be beaten in order to make money.

Because it is the wrong question you will never find the right solution and you will continue to blame someone else for this failure…

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Just supply and demand

If you know their movements you can move with them . that’s how you profit with them at the same time

These are you yesterday trades !

you can compare the order numbers and how the profit increased with the time … I posted these trades of my FB live as well.

EURGBP this is how you move with the big boys

WHEN they move we move with them . .GBPJPY

You enter with them and exit with them . That’s how you beat the market makers .



Risky going against the trend. Out of curiosity, how do you determine S&D zones?