How to Beat the Market Makers at Their Own Game

why beating market makers, when you can just avoid them. I mean, change the broker for instance. or did I get the question wrong?

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Nice trades. Is this a demo account? If not, why do you not withdraw profits?

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Thanks .They all real and i do withdraw them.

You have to think like the market makers if you want to beat them at their own game. There are safeguards in place to ensure that traders remain traders and market movers remain market movers. Some of these safeguards go unnoticed, yet they exist.

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Sign up to fight in Ukraine and that is going to help with psychology. That way you will be a better trader in the future. Remember trading is all about psychology and managing emotions as you trade.

I thought market makers can’t be beaten. Does this really work? If so, I am interested to know more.

When it comes to trading, this is a bad strategy. You’re only doing this to make yourself feel better. There is absolutely no way that you can compete with them in their own method. Trading against the market makers means you must think like them. The time you spend on it is a waste. Make the most of it by putting it to work.

Yes it is. U have to just trade with them , Follow the flow

Who said against them. You have to trade with them. If you want to beat the market makers you just trade with them and be a one of them …

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We first make our habits and then our habits make us - Live Trades :blush:

Spending your time plotting and programming ways to beat the market-makers is a dangerous distraction that will seriously waste your energy. It is also a waste of time if you plan on beating whoever else you believe needs to be beaten in order to make money, as this will not help you make any more money. This is not a sound strategy at all.