How to begin investing in the stock market?

Hello everyone,

I’ve built a decent amount of savings over the years and I’m ready to start investing some of it. When it comes to personal finance and creating wealth, there is no better long-term investing strategy than the stock market. But how do I start investing? What do I need to know? Please help me.


Hey Alexa,

Investing in stock market doesn’t need so much of savings, even a small amount will do to give a start to your trading experience. But before investing in the markets, you should know about the basics of trading in stock market or forex markets.
But yes if you dont want to trade yourself but are interested in investing, you can start with “Social Trading”.

Know the basics, read internet is huge resource, invest wisely, join groups, forums, track financial news, know the business behind the stock you want to invest, know their history, learn learn & learn :slight_smile:

Thanks, Megha, for your suggestion. A good friend of mine suggested that [B]I should take a trading course[/B]. Will it benefit me or will I be fine with online studies? Your advice would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance.

You can open demo account and start to learn stock trading there. you can start from this broker Forex demo trading contest from LiteForex

Hmmm, that is like asking in a bakery what a new york cut is… :slight_smile:

Go to a stock broker, open a demo account and try it out. Best way to get into it.

Often the same rules apply as do with forex, so it should look familiar.

Hey Alexa,
It would be nice if you would join a trading course, since they help you go through all the phases of trading world. However, an online course/stuides and trading books are equally relevant. Moreover when you start knowing about the forex markets and analysis, then go for trading in demo account to see how much you gain or lose, how much you undertsand or have more to understand.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, Alexa
I am also lookingt forward to investing in stock market with forex brokers. So far, I am looking at FreshForex as the broker to provide me with stock trading platform, Kindly may I know your experience with trading Stock, If you have suggestions of brokers you may tell me here, thank you!

well in my opinion we should start first my investing in the gold market and ETFS followed by the stock market and then to the commoditties

First of all if you want to invest in stocks then you need to learn basics of stocks exchange. I think you should join a stock exchange learning course which help you a lot to learn stocks. You can also read books,ebooks,articles about stockes to get some good information about it.

Once you have decided that you want to invest in the stock market, you need to consider some factors.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to let you understand how to begin investing in the stock market:

  • Determine what kind of investor you want to be. Whether you want to begin as a day trader or not and how much time can you invest in trading.

  • Find a reliable and trusted broker such as Capitalxtend and open a trading account with them.

  • Learn about stock markets. Understand how the market works and learn to analyze the trends.

  • Research regarding the listed companies and decide on the companies or the stocks that you want to invest in.

  • Fund your trading account according to the broker’s deposit requirements and place your trades.

Take some online courses, there are plenty of those.

First of all, it is necessary to assess the financial capabilities of private investment.

Investments begin with the goal that the investor sets for himself, the horizon, the duration of the investment, and the acceptable level of risk. All further actions will depend on this. Suppose you want to invest a certain amount, but you know that you will need it in five years. It is better to choose a more conservative approach and stake on low-volatility instruments in such a case. When I invested my first easy money in bitcoin, it was a fear that things would not work out. My fear was dispelled by the schwab intelligent portfolio fees I studied.