How to believe and follow the analysis? Switch from scalp to day trader

Hi, I would like to know who used to only scalper and now do day and swing trader, to work to change this mode, because I do good analyzes but I can’t follow them, what I was supposed to do in 4 trades I end up doing in 50 / 60… … In the prints for example my analysis in GBPAUD, I could have done 7 operations of 500/800 points but I did 115 operations about 40 points which also gave me 4000 points.

*sorry for the English, I’m using Google Translator, my native language is Portuguese (Brazil)

I’m using an FTMO Demo account to stay on target and get this view of my results.


Bem-vindos ao Babypips. Seu inglês é melhor que 90% dos membros do fórum de língua inglesa, e melhor do que 99% de como os membros do fórum podem falar português. LOL :laughing:

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You can switch to anything, any approach, as long as it gets you results - that’s the most important thing in our field, it brings money and confidence in the future.

Statistics are the right thing to do.
It helps to find some patterns and perspectives.
It is worth paying attention to.