How To Build A Strategy

I would like to recommend this article by Jean Folger. It is highly informative and gives pointers to further research if you are developing a strategy.

Using Technical Indicators To Develop Trading Strategies

I would just like to point out that I have nothing to sell, no website to promote, and have not received any financial inducement to mention this article…

Thank you for sharing this article with us, it can be very useful for all the newbies who are trying to develop a trading strategy.

It’s also important to point out that once you have developed a strategy, make sure you are testing, backtesting, and demoing until you are 100% sure that the system is a profitable one.

That way, you can always stick to your trading plan when things are not going so well (because you will know that in the long run, your system is profitable).

Good read!

Here’s a more newbie-friendly list for those who REALLY haven’t started on anything:

Design Your Trading System in Six Steps | Create Your Own Trading System | Junior Year | Undergraduate

good read guys thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the article and the disclaimer, I am sure that newbies would benefit by reading the article for one of the questions that they often post in this forum is “how do I develop a good trading strategy”…

It gives you the confidence to stick with the trading plan rather than ditch

You can also check your strategies in demo account, it will help in analyzing how your strategy work practically.