How to Calculate Income Potential on a 2000 dollar account?

Good Day,

I require some help on calculating the earning potential on say a 2000 dollar account, lets work on the following figures:

  1. Total Pips - 20 Pips a day
  2. Lot size - 0.05

I have calculated as follows:

20 pips x 0.05 = 1 Pip at 10 dollars a pip = 10 dollars a day ? Is this correct?

How do I factor the account size in to play around with scenarios ?

No, this isn’t correct for a number of reasons.
Click on the School tab and start studying, otherwise your income potential is a big fat zero


Also, think in terms of monthly averages, not daily averages: it’s far more meaningful, realistic and helpful, because of the inevitable variability.

the only realistic scenario is a 50-100% drawdown in 3-6 months.

your chances of success fall sharply as soon as you start posting on retail trading forums.

don’t blame me, i don’t make the rules