How to calculate Swap Charges


How will I know the amount of swap charged if I hold EURUSD 0.01 lot overnight, and similarly, for other currencies?

I asked this question to ICmarkets support team they replied this :


I follow the procedure and i find this :

Still, it is not clear to me: if I keep my position open for 10 days with 0.01 lot in EURUSD, how much swap charges do I have to pay for each day?

hi something from BP Forexpedia Swap Definition | Forexpedia™ by

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Assuming your account is denominated in USD:

  • If you’re long EUR/USD, $6.25 will be debited from your trading account.
  • If you’re long short, EUR/USD, $2.65 will be credited to your trading account.

Still confusing. Swap charges are overnight position holding charges right?

Yes swap charge is charged everyday if you hold position and normally these charges are not fixed

Ok, But how can i calculate like how much i am going to get charged for X Pair and Y Lot size?

Its simple first check what is swap charge for specific pair (as mentioned by ic market team) and for how many days you will keep position open X (pair)*number of days, also look if you hold position for short of long coz swap charges normally are different

you can calculate swaps from your metatrader contract spec, but most reputable brokers have a swap calculator.

Also swap fees fluctuate daily I believe. At least for OANDA Wednesdays have a higher finance fee.

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