How to calculate the value of a pip

guys can anyone please explain to me in a simple calculation, how to calculate the value of a pip? OMG my brain is melting.

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Answered here: just click and scroll down to the sub-heading “How to calculate the value of a pip” :wink:

And welcome to the forum!


welcome to the forum! yeah my brain was melting too when i got into retail trading :slight_smile: don’t worry , it will get better when you acquire more knowledge and the school is a great place to start :slight_smile: it really helped me :slight_smile: good luck with your trading journey!


OMG been there (and sometimes still there! :sweat_smile:) But, agree with Jane that maybe looking into the lesson can help. The formula is somehow easier to absorb. :blush: Or you might also want to check out the Pip Value Calculator here. :smiley:

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Thank you very much everyone I appreciate it :grinning:

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