How to choose a Broker?

Look for a broker that focus on your safety

Make sure to look for FCA regulated brokers.

Before beginning a search for the right broker, you must first decide what type of trader you want to be and what services you need. If you want to be a position trader, or one who trades infrequently, your best bet is either a full-service or a discount broker. Making the choice between full-service and discount brokers depends upon how independently you want to operate as a trader.

If you want advice on your stock-investing plans, you need to seek out a full-service broker, but this expensive option is not necessarily recommended. Before risking your money on trading, however, you need to be comfortable enough with the language and mechanics of trading and how to conduct your own research. If you don’t need the services of a direct-access broker, your best bet is to select a discount broker.

I trade with fxprimus and so satisfied

@Henery If you do a Google search, you will find a lot of fake and bias reviews on websites that take money from some brokers to slam others. The best is to do a research on what should an ideal broker have. Should it be the speed, the support, no manipulation or same day transfers. See what fits you and then select one

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Exactly. Whole section on it.


yes , every forum VIP or General have a broker section , this can be a great source to ensure which is good for us. from all FPA is really rich and knowledgeable.

That is my advice too. There is plenty of information here.

The forum is really high active so you no need any promotion, go to broker section and there will be also few traders which are really looking for real broker and information.

Is a broker good or not? That broker must allow all methods that allow all trading methods (except those that are illegal to affect a broker or other genuine investors).
I recommend ICMarkets and there are reasons, not just a simple word, good or bad
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i dont know why right now so many newcomers looking for brokers suggestion in Beginners Question. they should go in broker section

yes , good broker doesn’t restrict any kind of trading strategy with scalping and hedging.

I also experienced many brokers. some supporters say it allows EA scalping, but in fact, the EA delivered on MT4 always fails, while the other broker is normal.

First learn the Forex market with good content, get yourself knowledge about the market then you will get the idea how to find the broker for your trading.

Use baby pips broker section to read reviews about forex brokers. One common rule is to NOT choose brokers which are new to the industry or resort to aggressive and “cheap” advertising. They can paint a picture of quick and big wins what is a dangerous approach in trading. I would recommend to try IB, Hotforex, Tickmill and other industry “veterans” before you can explore less reputable brokers with better condition. Bear in mind that caveat emptor is on you :slight_smile:

Choosing a good Forex broker is a not difficult task. Just check some valid points for that broker before getting registered.
The first and basic point is Forex broker should be Regulated and fully licensed. The good and well-reputed broker should offer standard as well as flexible trading terms including commission ratio, leverage, etc. Don’t forget to check out about the Customer Support service.

so many regulations are there , which is more appropriate do you think ?

yes you are right
It’s totally depends on regulatory body

Try to deal with ECN brokers. They are much better than others.

If you want, I suggest is the best I’ve ever known.
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