How to choose a broker?

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask from some experienced traders to give me some pointers on how to choose the right broker for me. Would you recommend any?

I appreciate your help!

I would recommend you to try with PaxForex. Very suitable broker for novice and for experienced traders.

Make sure that you choose a well capitalised and regulated broker. The broker should be regulated in a strong region such as the US or the UK or such, beware of brokers who reside in Cyprus or other financial wild west places.

Personally I trade with Oanda and have done so since 2009 with no complaints.

Every trader looks for different things. Personally, I look for a brokers spreads and their regulatory status predominantly (FCA normally). Those are the two most important factors that would at least spark the interest

Is Latvia a good place to be regulated ? I am asking about Dukascopy Europe.

Latvia would not be a first choice for me, but the company Dukascopy is owned by a Swiss broker with a banking license and a fairly long history, for retail forex companies at least, so I would be inclined to say that Dukascopy Europe sounds reasonable but not perfect.

As always, due diligence is in the end up to you. I’m just a stranger on a forum after all.

hello everyone,i am a new trader and i dont have much knowledge regards choosing the best broker for me,anyone here able to help me out on this?thank you