How to choose the best Forex trading system?

If you have problems with choosing a forex system right for you, here’s some tips.
Or, if you change systems often, here is the answer:

  1. Ask yourself: is trading really for you? Forex trading is a profession, not suitable for every personality. Just like any other job it simply does not have to be your thing. And that is ok.
  2. Think which assets (forex, stocks, crypto, commodities…) & which trading style suits you the best. Make some research. Where do you feel “right”?
  3. Find a good system & a mentor.
  4. Build discipline, mental toughness, ability to relax, friendly environment (do your family accept waht you do?)
  5. Practice, practice and… practice :slight_smile:


This is where a good demo account comes in, most times it is more practical to define whatever strategy you are working on in a demo trade. Trade with it there for a long time till you master it, then transfer to a live account. This prevents you from possible loses, as I have learned the hard way. Reason I don’t joke with the unlimited demo account from Forexchief, I never make the mistake of trying something new on live account unless I do it on demo.
True, the result might not be entirely the same, but it gives you that closure you need.

Yes!! - demo account until you’ve gained enough knlowledge and experience. No demo trading- and you’ll
just be a goldfish swimming against sharks. i.e - it will not be pretty !!

sometimes i feel there is no best trading system in Forex , all is just for temporary session , nothing without it.

when you have most powerful money management , trading life will be more easy and profitable , if not you will suffer.

what money management since you have been following ?