How to count amount of volume

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How to count amount of volume(or Financial charges) that caused the price of the process?:33::33:

Volume in Forex is irrelevant to real price, because its broken down over several different brokers and moneymakers. There theoretically isnt true volumn as a whole.

ATR is a better volatility indicator, jmo

In the stock market that volume is important, like how?
To exit price from trend how much should be traded?

Stock market is different, as there are theoretically true blocks to buy, and as a whole, meaning orders filter thru 1 central location, or distributor for the stock.

Like looking at a big, huge pile of bricks in a field, everyone that wants them has to go thru the same checkout line, and all are accounted for thru that 1 checkout line. You understand what I mean?

Where Forex, there are several different “distributors” for the currency your trading with. Like mom and pop stores for example. If you wanted to find out how many candy bars are sold in a say 2 square mile area, and the price, most likely all will be different in sales, in price, and inventory, also the demand would be different, and Supply would be different from store to store.

so, with that said, there is absolutely no possible way to get an accurate estimation of accumulations thru the entire Forex market as a whole.

Maybe Im wrong, Im sure someone will set me straight if Im outta line.

I dont trade the stock market, but with Volume in that arena, Volume represents Movement of a stock in either direction, not necessarily accumulation, but how many hands are in the pot, buying and sell at any given time.

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Indeed - very good answer, above.

It is actually possible to get an indirect (but for most traders’ purposes fairly indicative) estimate of the volumes in forex-trading, for all the “majors” anyway, by looking at the corresponding volumes of the most proximal forex futures contracts. The volume one sees, that way, is of course technically forex futures volume rather than spot forex volume, but it’s always said by people who ought to know that the correlation between the two is very high indeed (exactly as one would reasonably expect, given that nearly 90% of spot forex trades are speculative/“trading” in nature, these days - that figure’s according to sites like Investopedia and Wikipedia and generally accepted in the trade as “factual”).

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Market sentiment can give you similar information as volume.
Forex Market Sentiment

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Forex Market Sentiment Indicators | Investopedia

I just downloaded Barchart(.com)'s app on my 'phone, after reading about it on the aforementioned Investopedia article, and it is a good way to integrate the CFTC’s COT report as it gives you daily buy/sell volume as well as an open interest curve based on the same Chicago exchange data, using currency futures contracts: in the bottom screenshot from my 'phone, for example, you can see the Pound bar-chart with the volume below it for B6 (thr futures contracts code for Pound), specifically for contracts expiring in June 2016 - a separate live chart is available for those expiring in Sep. 2016:

Thats interesting PipMehappy, Im afraid to go investigate it tho,lol… I cant change my system with new ideas, lol…

I actually look for trades in low volatility ticks. When the price is trying to catch its breathe for the next wave. I believe if your trying to jump the train when its fast, is when you get introuble. Nother reason Im not a big fan of breakout trading.

Now, those futures contracts can be cancelled at anytime, ?? I dont know, is why Im asking. Couldnt it be another sheet of wool to lure traders into the dark? lol, See, my problem is, I know its rigged, I know there is manipulation, so venturing out into new information land seems always full of bear traps and pit holes with spikes, lol…

What is rigged?