How to create own Strategies

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Strategies - What does this mean and how would i create one?

I spend a few hours on charts a day, my job dosen’t let me spend hours on end looking at my computer.

I have no clear strategy when doing this, i flick through time frames and may see a set up but i have no clear plan - None of my trades id say are alike

So what im really asking is what does a strategy consist of? and how do i find one that suits me if im unsure about what it actually entails to create one?

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Do you keep a trading journal? I’d probbaly start with that. Write what your plan is and then take the trade on a demo account. Then also log what happened afterwards. That helped me figure out what I kept doing wrong (moving SLs and TPs mostly haha). Don’t enter trades without an exit plan. :slight_smile: (I also make that mistake quite often :sweat_smile:)

Keeping a trading journal is important and you should make a strategy and plan and then test your plan and strategy with demo account and if your plan and starategy is good with demo trading then you start trading it with real account.


I’ve put up a few simple end of day strategies on my blog - get to it via my profile.

They will give you a basic idea - will be adding more soon.

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Where do i go to i cant seem to navigate to the blog

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What do i put in the journal?

Trading strategy is a set of rules which determine entry point, position size, exit point. Additionally you can design your trading strategy that it includes rules for choosing trading instrument, trading session, etc. Basically it’s an algorithm. The intuition behind “mechanical” trading is to make your decisions independent from your emotions like fear and greed (because you rely strictly on rules).


Sorry the blog was on maintenance mode you can try it now via my profile

Look in the technical analysis section you’ll find four strategies explained that I’ve used or currently do use.

They are simple to grasp relative to what’s out there (I think) but I’ve made good money off them all

One thing I would say though is strategy is the easy part - discipline when losing is the hard part.

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There’s a bunch of templates here if you search the forums. But initially I had columns for: pair, date, position (long/short), duration of the trade, P/L, rationale. R multiple is a good thing to add in there also! :slight_smile:

Sorry not sure if being dumb and not reading correct, what is R?

Van Tharp created the concept of R-Multiples which I find useful in evaluating the performance of trading strategies. Very briefly, an R-Multiple of a trade is the gain divided by the amount risked. Losses are negative number, profits are positive numbers.

Here’s a link also to a thread covering this subject:

To create your strategy, you need to keep your trading journal, which will allow you to analyze your trade and make meaningful rules for yourself. You can also use someone else’s trading strategies and extract something from them for yourself, thus complementing your strategy.

True, trading journal is much important as you can review your trades for better output in future. It helps you to track your past progress and you can analyse positioning size mistakes i.e enter & exit positions. Try strategies with a smaller amount and see the results. Bact test your strategy if required. You only can figure out which strategy will work the best for you by practicing it consistently.