How to Enabled Signature Option?

Is it right no option to add signature for Personal profile or Business profile? Answer to this question is YES… as it is mention in the couple of topic which generate in this forum.

Many senior members suggest to add Manual Signature Text with each and every post. But problem is no option show for add Signature in Compose Post (CP) dialog box like

No option is there… how to enable it or show?

No one is there who know what is the way to enable Post Signature Option?

LOL, based on the screen you provide you really need to have something else for that matters anyway. You really have option to make some URL linkable and clickable for many things that really do matters anyway. And add it to the bottom of your text - that’s it!

Hey @Dextor_Mason,

I replied to your other question on the matter. Signatures are not allowed.

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thanks for your assistance