How to export live and previous bars data from mt4 to Excel?

I did “DDE” enabled in MT4 and Excel displays low, high, open and close prices and it is updated and also shows the opening value, but it only receives from the daily bar.

I want to get the close, open, high, low values ​​of the previous(and live) bar in H1 /or others and the prices should be updated in excel whenever a new bar is created.

Does anyone know how to do it?

I am also looking for an answer to it. I hope that I will find some good recommendations here.

I don’t know how much data you need, but you have a few options here… and yes I do realize that this question of yours is outdated by at least a few months but anyways.

There is the ability in metatrader to write a short program that will output the data from as far back as the charts know about.

You could also write a program that stores the data live and does it in real time but if you want 6 months of data it’s going to take 6 months of time to do that.

What I’m saying is that you have the ability to write the data from metatrader from an mql program and write it directly to the hard drive and then read it into Excel.

Best wishes