How to find a programmer to create an indicator or EA?

Dear commnity,

Please share your experience on the following issue: if I have several ideas on custom indicators and EAs (based on my own strategies), how can I find programmer to transform these ideas into something that would actually work? Since I have no experience in coding, I think it would be better to find someone for this purpose.
So, the questions are:

  • where to search for experienced programmers?
  • what are the main criteria to choose one?

I will greatly appreciate your answers

You will need to hire a dev… What language or platform are you wanting to code on?

Everyone talks about MT4 but they are alot of scams and if you want to truely analyse the market you want to automate a system that can gather data from diffrent sources like news sentiment which MT4 can not do so for an advanced system you will need python.

My personal advice though would be to learn coding or atleast a mediocre amount so

A) you don’t get pushed around by devs on freelance sites
B) you progress as a trader. Trading is moving in the direction of automation and advanced algorithms so being a trader who does not understand code would be like a builder without a paintbrush or hammer

Since you are not familiar with programming I would suggest that you not consider using Python. Use an existing well known platform such as MT4/5, Ninjatrader, Tradestation, etc. These platforms have the necessary plumbing, charting and drawing tools, architecture, broker platform connectors, backtesting capabilities, etc. to build on top of. Visit their forums and most likely you will find programmers who have been vetted by the community and can provide you with samples of similar work that they have done for others.

The next step is to write clear requirements for what you want built and get some time estimates and quotes for the same. Ask for a project based quote rather than for hourly rates. I can help you with your requirements document if you like.

I would also look to limit the functionality to the absolute minimum to save on cost for now. Later you can augment what you have and build out the remaining functionality. For example for your EAs you can have them built to merely provide entry/exit alerts instead of executing trades. That way you can save on the cost of building out functionality for programmatic trade management, account management, etc.

Just came across this web site. Perhaps you want to start a dialogue with them.

You do realise anyone and thier brother can create a website claiming to be a coder and that they will just pass on the work to some developer in India and make money on the mark up…

Personally learning coding i a big investment but its the direction that the industry is heading. In fact it has already turned in that direction… When companies invest they invest in companies of tomorrow…When someone invests in themselves the same applies…invest in something that will make you better tomorrow

I’m in the IT industry. I used to be a developer. I did not tell him to give them a contract. I suggested he start a dialogue with them. And if they do give the work to a developer in India that’s fine. He can check references and ask for sample work done. Get pricing and compare.

Also, writing an EA to emulate a mechanical system is not rocket science. It does not require thousands of lines of code. I don’t think the OP is looking to build a machine learning or AI system. That would be a different matter altogether.

Did you know that almost everything you buy from Amazon comes from China? And the retailer as well as Amazon take a markup. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try this site it’s free to do what you want to do. I recently used it to create an indicator that would alert if the current and previous candle close above the 10, 20 and 40SMA’s to confirm the trend on a 4H chart.
There’s a little but of a learning curve but so far it’s the easiest diy site I’ve found.

Thank you all for these recommendations. I have already started with learning Python but as for me it is quite complicated…or, it would be better to say: it requires more time to get familiar with it that I can afford to spend.
I`ll also avoid sole freelance programmers since there are reasonable doubts on their skills and experience. To my mind, it would be better to find a company that would do all this just in a few days or weeks instead of spending months to learn coding deep enough to be able to create something by myself. As in any other job, professionals would be able to do the same things better and faster.

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Finding a qualified programmer is a problem.
There are developers who understand you perfectly and know your next action. There are developers with whom you can discuss the project for weeks and not achieve the result. I tried to order on freelance, I can say that this is not a very successful experience. Therefore, I order my EA only from professional MQL developers.
There are about 5-6 companies on the market that professionally provide EA development services and can really realize what you want.
They have a different level of service, support, cost and quality. You can send free inquiries and consult with them, already during the conversation decide who suits you best.
For example, the last time I ordered on this site:
The selection criteria are simple:

  1. Professional developers. They do not disappear, give guarantees, correct mistakes without superfluous words, because they care about their reputation.
  2. Cost. Each has its own budget, but if you want a quality EA that will work without errors, then it will cost a lot;
  3. Reputation. Take time to learn the reputation of companies. This is important for deciding on a choice.

I’m one of the programmer for making Bot and Indicator. My speciality is in Ctrader Platform. So, if you want to build the strategy based on Ctrader, feel free to ask me for a quote .

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