How to find support and resistance?

I have been looking at charts and i must say this is harder then it sounds …
Is there a set of rules, course or video that explains the exact way to find and mark support and resistance?

It really isnt that difficult, there are TONS of posts done on this site alone that shows you how to draw support and resistance lines,its just something you get used to… The best way that i learnt on how to draw them is by following trade suggestions or trade ideas sent out by BIG PIPPING, and other users on the site, to confirm if i am drawing it correctly or not, with time u just become more proficient… Now i am not trying to be mean here but a simple Google search should answer your question, I dont quite see the point to this…

But i will be the nice guy and do half the work for you

You can check this video out, shows you how to identify SR in the markets.

There is this a chart school, visit this link: - ChartSchool and you’ll find everything what you need to know about S&R.