How to get a mentor

How can I get a successful mentor?

If they’re successful why would they mentor someone…least of all strangers. learn yourself. Start with babypips course.

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Look to see if you know anyone who trades. I know that is rare but sometimes a friend of friend is a trader.

You may find someone on a forum such as babypips that is more experienced than you. You could start by asking them some questions and see if they are willing to mentor you.

There also is the option of paying someone. This can be a very good option as long as the trader is truly experienced and will be available to you. Not just a set of videos or articles. Be sure to speak with this person ask many questions, you may even ask for proof especially if you are going to be paying them. If they offer a money back deal all the better.

Finding a quality mentor will cut the learning curve some and is worth the investment as long as they really are a successful trader.

Best of luck

Meh. Not entirely sure I agree with this (we cannot agree all of the time!!! LOL!!!). I got no problem. Or should I say I HAD no problem until I started seeing the nonsense that goes on here. Point is: I’m doing it now on my threads but not to the extent of holding hands through every trade etc. That ain’t coming free anymore I have decided (for a variety of reasons not least of which is to filter out the serious and the capitalized from the chancers and the hopefuls).

Lol nothing wrong with disagreeing! I just thought why would they charge someone money when they can make it via trading (if they are profitable ofcourse). I’ve never been able to understand it. Ofcourse by mentor I mean someone who teaches their strategy and the rest that goes with it. A mentor who charges just to give advice is not worth it as you can get it for free on here.

come to the dark side my friend, we have pizza and beer waiting for you


Always enjoy your posts by the way.

Yeh. I addressed this on another thread somewhere not too long ago. I myself have always made the same sanctimonious argument i.e. if you’re making money then why charge. Well I’ve changed my stance on this for sure. I do this for a living. That means I have to withdraw profits to pay bills and to live. So: if I had another course of income then I could just leave my capital and let it grow. Makes a whole bunch of sense to me. And then as I said: just look at the inane stuff that goes on here. Let me tell you that if this were a paid site the quality of posts would be a LOT different. And that’s only become apparent to me since I’ve been back here.

But let me say this: I DO believe that any compensation should be on merit and performance. In other words: I help you and you make money then you pay me a percentage. The ins and outs of that I’ve not quite yet worked out but I’m for sure trying to come up with something. I still do NOT believe in this business of people charging membership fees or monthly fees or whatever and whether that be for signals or mentoring or anything else. Essentially all it means is that they can feed the person the biggest bunch of garbage and still get paid. And that’s why there’s so many people around that are complaining that they paid for stuff and it was crap and they never made any money.

And I also agree: by mentoring I mean in a PRACTICAL sense. Not this pie in the sky BS that gets regurgitated here every hour. I’m talking about being in constant contact with whoever and training on two or three proper, tested (and I don’t mean by some BS MT4 back test), technical trading systems which I trade every single day. Not “well identify support and resistance and once you’ve done that then place your order somewhere where you think it should be”. Not like that. Specifics. Practical. And yeh: if I’m sitting helping on Skype or whatever other medium at midnight every night then why should I NOT get paid if you’re making the same money that I am as a result of my efforts. And not forever: just on a certain number of trades or for a certain period. Something like that. But again: performance based. Not rip off based.