How to Get Your Money Back From Scam Forex Brokers

I can promise you, I was never that naive. But if you were, that’s understandable - if you don’t know something’s wrong the best you can do is learn from it and move on.

But our intentions are alike, to warn less informed traders of the dangers of getting involved with these people.

I used to work with SCC, they did help me in recovering some funds from CobaltCode just within 3 months.

Hello Maxer,
Thanks for sharing your story. Could you give me more information about Scamconsulting company and how did they help you? I’m asking that because I have the same situation like you with TeleTrade and MarketsDOTcom. Amount of money is near 100k. So if you could give me some tips or what I have to do step by step I would really appreciate that.

Thank you and a lot of KARMA points for you :slight_smile:

Hello Irdi,
Could you give us more information about your recovering? Step by step would be really appreciate.

Have a nice day

Hi, aleksandras123

Gladly, first I had have filled out the contact form on their website.
A couple of days later received a call from a representative, he asked me few questions regarding my trading and deposit history, also I had to send print screens of my trading account since the broker blocked me and I could not provide with login and password.
And after that info was confirmed, I spoke with their lawyer, in my case It was Immanuel Skvorzov. He explained to me every possible way to retrieve the funds, including chargeback. Afterward, I needed to send them my docs in order to make a contract. The whole process took a few weeks until I confirmed the money was at my bank account.
If someone needs more details on my case, please contact me directly.

As a former client of Scamconsulting, I would like to share my pleasant experience. First of all, they succeeded to do something, anybody else couldn’t. I had applied for help with the return of my investments to a couple of so-called “experts”, for instance, “Dell-woods” from Scotland. With 0 results. Later, another scam. In general, I’ve spent nearly the same amount that tried to get back. Justice was important for me, so I’ve continued to search for a legit company. Scamconsulting SCC was my choice. And later on, I never regret it due to the excellent outcomes.
The lawyers of SCC managed to get me back not just my own deposit but profit as well. That kind of result shocked me in any positive way, I couldn’t even imagine!


I was also a victim till I came across a YouTube video earlier today
It was my saving grace or I’d be homeless by now

Thank me later

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Octafx scam me 22000$+ kindly help all they deleted my 22000$+ profit without any proof and without Inform me Dear Octafx trader’s,

Plz don’t trust Octafx if u people use Octafx kindly withdraw all profit because when you earn from Octafx than Octafx anytime will disabled your account and they will said u using aribetrage strategy.And will eat your whole profit without give proof they will eat your all profit kindly away from this broker help me all it’s my child money plzzz

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i invested 113 dollars in premiumoptionfx, they are saying to withdraw it i need to buy Universal fund delivery system(UFDS) which costs 100 dollars, because my bank is foreign. i am not sure what to do

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Hi could Give give me some advise on scam busters do they charge a fee upfront? Only asking because I have been properly scammed and exhausted every way I can get funds :scream:

You can go to an organization that enforces a refund from such companies. Only you have to be more careful with this too, because there are also many fraudsters among them, check all documents and permits for this type of activity.

Need your advice,
Are you familiar with REALFX. org broker? Are they legit broker? Im about to withdraw my profit but they told me that the commission fee is cannot be taken out of the profit, so I thought that I have been scammed. Please advice. Thanks

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I also have an account manager that trades on my behalf.

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Unfortunately, in order to restore justice you need to make a lot of efforts, and if you contacted a real fraudster with false data, etc., then to find the company, let alone prove anything is almost impossible.

Hi any news on premiumoptionfx I invest alot of money with them too. Now they saying I have to upgrade to a plan that costs $5000

Realfx. org had also charged me $3125 for account upgrade, They told me once I settled the account upgrade I can proceed with the withdrawal. Then they require me to pay the commission fee that cannot be taken out of the profit…

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I have not recovered my money so I just reported them to FCA.

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Yea me too. How long has it been?

Hi Haiphamfx,

I am a new bee and recently been scammed by Gold8services brokers. They have stolen 25k from.
They are unregulated broker but I don’t know how to report their website.
Can you kindly advise.
Thank you

Just got trapped from a broker. Her Instagram username is @mariambilalx
I saw her page and reviews of the clients she had and everyone were happy with her service and I wanted to try. I texted her and she said to send £200 pound and I did that. She said she started the tread and will inform me soon, after a day she texted me saying that my stock is up at £13,007.57. then she said the Forex issued them a release fee of £400 which is £300 for premium cost and £100 for admin charge. And said to do it so she can send me the clearance detail. I said to her I don’t have £400 then she said oky send me £200 which I did. She then sent me a picture where it was saying payment successful but then I said to her that I haven’t sent her any detail of my account so where did she sent it. I waited for her message she didn’t replied and blocked me. Then I found her another account on Instagram of @mariamxx2889 where I texted her saying that I want my money back or I will take this further and report she said get lost and block me from there as well. (£400 pound can be a small amount but for me they were everything, I just had those money of saving. I don’t work and nothing just a student. I need help)