How to Get Your Money Back From Scam Forex Brokers

I’m sorry but I’ll be brutally honest. Your chances of getting that money is slim to none. You have to question if it’s a true investment and you didn’t fill out any type of paperwork and probably saw fake reviews/comments of people complimenting her service. More importantly that’s not what a broker is. Brokers just allow you a platform in forex to buy/sell currencies. You’re a student so you should’ve done your due diligence and research before parting ways with your money especially if you had little money to risk initially. A broker is regulated to prevent matters like this but everyone is getting “hip” to forex and think money can be made instantaneously. So you have individuals like this that pray on people like you who are trying to make a little.

Absolute Global Market, Trade LTD, Intrgroup. These three Companies are Scams, don’t ever trade with them. I know that i won’t get my money back. But I can eventually have more that i lost with them. Just a simple advise guys, don’t trust these companies. THEY ARE BIG SCAMMERS

What an unfortunate loss. Trading is a serious business and you should not seek information from IG about anything that involves making use of your funds. You should have also read reviews on independent platforms and not just her page. Never invest in anything before making thorough background verification.

This is a difficult question

I’m also dealing with issues with realfx .org. What is the name of the supposed “broker” helping you ??

It depends on the broker that has scammed you because some of them are scam brokers that disappear as soon as they scam you your money. Sometimes the princess is so long that some people just give up. That is why it is always important to identify the right broker and not just any broker that you come across.

Hey Saamiya, Sorry to hear about your loss. I’m a journalist writing about forex scams - would you be interested in sharing your story so that others can avoid being scammed?


I’d love to read the article when you finish it!

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You can check the ratings of the broker you are interested in trading with. If it suits, go ahead and if doesn’t, look for some other.

I’ll help share your article. Here you’d find a lot of people who have been scammed by con brokers.

Does anybody knows if there is such a thing as a deposit for Antiterrorism and money laundry clearance?They got this information from Interpol. This a refundable fee. I have to pay this first and then they with withdrawal my profits.

Hello, first time poster here. I got into this after seeing my friend doing well and thinking it looked overall legit. I shouldve done more research. Bascially a fake trader on twitter contacted my friend and had them open an account on this forex trading site. (Keeping the name of investor and site private until I see what happens in Feb). We had to use our drivers licenses to register. We had to fund our accounts each with 1k in btc. And then of course our “forex trader” from twitter started investing that and making it grow, we both put another 1k in btc into it after we saw the profits from daily emailed trade confirmations. The investor then convinced my friend and tried to convince me to buy a forex signal to boost our daily ROI. The prices for the signal were around 2k for 1 month, 5k for 1 year, and 10k for lifetime. My friend got the 1 month to try it out. This was the first red flag for me having our investor message me several times telling me to get the signal. After my friend bought the signal they saw their daily ROI go up by 4x. Well our accounts are two month, meaning we cannot withdraw until 2 months after our first deposits. My friends 2 month wait was coming to an end on Jan 18th. So I said okay, once I see they can withdraw their profit 100% confirming its not a scam I will buy that signal. Of course during this time of waiting in December I decided to do more research. I found out our investor was posing as a well known popular forex trader and copying their likeness and posts. That was red flag #2. A bit later I do more research on the site itself, I find it is not registered with the CFTC or at least they dont have their id publicly posted. I ask the site about this and they say “Oh we have an update to our site coming in 6 to 9 weeks that will have more site features including that information, but rest assured we are registered.” They wouldnt give it to me in chat. So I decided to call the CFTC/NFA number to ask them if they had this broker registered. The answer was no. So thats the third red flag. I then found out their site copied reviews and their business id at the bottom from another broker’s website. Red flag number four. Then around January 10th, my friend has their account locked, the investor and site contacts them saying you need to bring your balance up to 5k to be able to unlock the account because your total profit went over 35k which was “stage 1”. Of course they couldnt be allowed to use some of their profit to cover that fee. The site first told my friend that they would lose their account in 48 hours if they didnt fess up the remaining 2900 to bring it to 5k. But they quickly changed their minds on that after my friend said they didnt have the funds yet and made a 50 dollar btc deposit. They now can wait. So I did contact the site myself, and asked about stages and they said yes they are a thing and that it would be 45k profit that would bring me to stage 2 and lock me out for the same reason my friend was. Right now my “balance” is 16k and my friends is over 78k. Of course I am to assume none of it is real and our btc was just stolen. I know chances of getting my money back are slim and actually getting any of that “profit” even more so slim. So my questions are:

  1. Should I wait and see what happens in February?
  2. Is there any way to convince them to cough up our original investments + what my friend paid for the “signal”?
  3. Do you think they will utilize our drivers licenses for identity theft and is there a way to stop that besides obviously getting new licenses?

Hi, Irdi. Could you provide some evidence for your successful cooperation with SCC?
I’ve already lost lots of money and can’t afford further gambling.

I was robbed by them! They have many good reviews on the web, but all are written by them.

Thanks for sharing this info in such a detailed manner. I‘m sure many traders who don’t value the importance of selecting a reliable broker will understand how to stay safe with their money through this write-up.

Hello Irdi
Pls can you send me your phone number to discuss how you got your money back through SCC, I have just been scammed by everfxint. I need help getting my money back, I invested £12750,made good profit which I now believe is fake profit, when I requested to withdraw the profit everfx refused me 2x, the next thing my so called account manager called Thimas Mends did was to trade away my money deliberately in losing trades, when the money got to £4543,i asked to withdraw the remain money, he then added a bonus of £2k which when I asked to withdraw I was told bonus not mine, I pretended to gain his trust and lured him with promise that I was waiting for a bigger loan to invest to make me a vip client which would be £50k,so I asked to withdraw the £4543 to pay back to my card to be able to get bigger money, So he approved it and the £4406 was paid to my account the next day just 24hrs. Few days later the account manager called me asking me to fund my account with the promise he will let me withdraw my profit this time around, I made a voice recordings of our calls and also requested he send me an email to confirm the agreement to allowe take my profit if I fund my account again the 2nd time. So I have the email, I am putting all this together as evidence to fight back, everfx is a scam people pls beware. I have learnt a bitter lesson, I would rather see my money in savings than venture into trading anymore, never never again. [Removed for Forums policy violation] Thank you

Hi, Wunmi123.

As I mentioned in my previous message, I did collaborate with this company (SCC) and luckily had all my investments recovered (except for some legal fees and services payments). The procedure took about 3 months and it was quite transparent. I had to provide my proof of deposits and some private documentation. I did pay upfront a small portion of the recovering amount, but the major part only after the refund was confirmed. I have nothing else to add, as I had moved with my life since then, mentally recovered from the scratches of being scammed. And nor I or my family wouldn’t want to hear any flashbacks from that experience. I wish you good luck and believe, that SCC is the place, where you can safely go and ask for legal help.

Hello, Zoetella.

I will be happy to guide you through the steps I made towards succesful refund and show you the copy of that “glorious” bank wire! Let me know your email and I will send it.

A very painful and unpleasant question. In my opinion, a trader should check the work of a broker very well before investing money in working with this company.

Gotta be careful before choosing a broker! Too many people fall for the flashy bonuses and websites and don’t take the time to do thorough research! I think online reviews from real people is probably one of the most telling things about any forex broker.