How to import the data?

I also wanted to get some data going back maybe 5 years for EUR/USD for FXCM. Any recommendations?

Hi mrimpre.

I would recommend using the Strategy Trader platform to access data as far back as 5 years. Strategy Trader on its own can access up to 500,000 periods worth of information from the server. To do this, you can right click on the chart and choose Format Symbol. In the window that appears, you can then modify the data range fields to extend the amount of information.

Another way to add more data is by using the historical information we make available for download. You can access free one minute historical data going back as far as 2001 for most currency pairs here Free Strategy Trader Historical Data

The Marketscope chart inside the FX Trading Station II also has the ability to export data, but the chart will only load 300 periods worth of data when initially opened. So this could become a tedious process if you’re looking to export data from a smaller timeframe. For reference, you can export data from Marketscope by going to the top left hand corner of the chart and clicking on File > Export to Excel.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions.