How to improve at Divergence signals

Hi guys,

I’ve been trading divergences for a good few months and they seem a great thing to trade. However, I am interested in your opinion on something:

How do you decide which divergence signal to listen to. For example using a 4HR chart you can clearly see divergence from the previous high/low to the new one. Say this is bullish divergence. But if I go back a few days on the chart and connect that previous high/low with the new one, I find bearish divergence. So my question is which signal is the most accurate? One based over a longer time frame or one that is closer to you current time?

Thanks a lot

I’m no divergence expert but I’d go for the easiest signals to see as per the sell warning on my sample Dow Jones chart here.

Thats what im thinking too. I just got taken out badly the last week on the 4hr charts. The news and this virus has made things really challenging. Have you found this too?

I dont really understand the example of bullish and bearish, do you have a chart you can post or point to what day and time. Generally the most recent divergence is the most reliable but sometimes it can build over time.

I’m quite a cautious trader. Yes the market has been tricky. For me last week I’m disappointed I missed the strong move against USD.

I prefer a longer time frame. Drilling it down has always created false moves for me.