How to inteprete signals on parabolic SAR

Good morning. please on the attached image above, the point was written as “no signal” , the dots were actually indicating a “buy” signal. how can I be able to differentiate correctly when there is no signal even if the dots are indicating a buy or sell signal.


The reason why its drawn as “no signal” is because the other indicators that are being used (Stochastic, RSI) is pointing to a SELL when the Parabolic SAR is pointing at BUY.

It just means that the indicators are not aligned, hence “no signal.”

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“Signals” on PSAR is a contradiction in terms.

PSAR doesn’t give signals to enter trades.

That’s not what it’s about, not what it was invented for, and not how it works.

It’s a method of stop-loss adjustment, and that’s all.

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@LukasVisser. i don’t really get you. i thought the PSAR Is a leading indicator used to indicate when to buy or sell like the RSI and Stochs?


I don’t think this is right. On the context of the BP course anyway

That’s appalling misinformation, totally missing the point - it shouldn’t say that at all! :scream:

Its like telling someone they can only peel an apple with a peeler… you can also use a knife…

The PSAR can be modified to give Trend direction and an entry signal… using a Double ParabolicSAR

Set first PSAR Indicator to MinAF 0.02 and MaxAF 0.2 to give an entry signal…

Set second PSAR Indicator to MinAF 0.009 and MaxAF 0.1 to give an overall trend direction…

Only Sell when both dots display above the candles and Buy when both dots display below the candles…simple.

If you’re placing your SL on the latest displayed dot (I use the second) then common sense tells you that the indicator is in fact giving you price direction and a “possible” entry signal.

Trade completed just 10mins ago…see above
I developed an EA that uses this method to scalp 3-5 pips on most crosses…on 1min - 15min TF…

That is why I am confused with the statement @LukasVisser made.

Cleaning up my garbage

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Welles Wilder’s original idea is based on the 0.02 - 0.2 setting… it becomes a completely different Indicator when you start altering the standard settings… Pretty fireworks…FFS… Trick is to enter a position as early as possible in a trend, enter a position when both dots indicate strength in the trend…

No oscillators, trend lines, no repainting indicators… just a nice clean chart with clear trend and entry information on all TF’s…
Edit: The settings I have shown are effectively adding a higher TF to the Indicator.

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Cleaning up my garbage

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Using various value settings to take account of pair volatility, the Double PSAR Strategy generates a success rate of 77% - 89%…and can be good for 40 - 50 pips (2-8 trades) per day across 2 - 3 pairs… Manually or Automatically…

What do you thing guys … is a good idea to trade with PSAR using @TrendswithBenefits values and RSI? For 5min scalping

Following the strategy rules… closed 2 more positions on NZDUSD today… 30 pips…

Mathematical gymnastics not required…follow price up with a manual trailing stop every 5 pips.

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That’s the point! By the way, which time frame do you prefer for this indicator?

Yes, I think so! Opposite signal from the other indicator; that’s why may be!

@Trendswithbenefits thanks for your reply . I think is a good idea and will be very helpfull to start a thread with your system :+1:

EA opens 3 consecutive positions on a T21 Chart and makes 9+ Pips in a matter of minutes… $AUD400+

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I don’t really understand this your thread or what you mean.can you enlighten me please?

That’s because you have learned to trade from only online sources (where at least 95% of what’s published is crap) and never read a proper textbook at all.

Sorry, but what you’re saying is just totally wrong.