How to learn algorithmic trading?

How to learn algorithmic trading ?

Here are few steps to becoming a algo trading professional >>

Step 1: Core Areas Of Algorithmic Trading

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Trading Knowledge
  • Programming Skills

Step 2: How To Become An Algo Trading Professional?

  • Getting started with books
  • Free resources
  • Learn from Professionals/Experts/Market Practitioners
  • Training
  • Self-learning Online
  • Getting placed in the algorithmic trading domain

Step 3: Get Placed, Learn More And Implement On The Job

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… and where did you learn trading, please share with me

To my mind, it would be very useful to became familiar with algorithmic trading. Even if you would not use trading bots and similar tools, you develop various extensions to improve your trading process.

As far as I know, traders interested in aglo trading start with learning Python language since it is the most useful for traders. You will also have to learn the Pandas library. There are many free online courses dedicated to this topic, so it is not a problem to find something suitable and interesting.

Another important point is the community. Try to find other traders also interested in this sphere to share your ideas and exchange experience. This will help you to learn faster and better.

Very cool thing, but it’s really will not help at all with anything out there. Can we do something like that to be done at any case for example. Have you had any bots which really helped you with anything or not really ? It’s cool info nonetheless.

I think that if you want to use algorithmic trading it is much better option to learn how to program it yourself. In this way you can have full control over your trading and make independent adjustments to trading when necessary

TIAT offers an Algorithmic Trading course with Python, Java or C# .net for improving basics & advance programming skills, data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence to set your own algorithmic trading desk

You can take the Babypips course and learn the basics of it. Good luck to you.