How to make 1000 pips per month

I am from Papua New Guinea and I want to really understand how to make 1000 pips per month

Good luck go to the school here and learn reality. Learn what a pip is. Learn what the difference is between 1000 pips 1,000,000 pips or 10 pips. The only thing this post is going to accomplish is people coming after your money

Welcome to babypips I truly hope you find what you are seeking but take the above comments very seriously.

That makes it two of us, lol. I hope you find the holy grail.
Now seriously: You need to be aware that there is a difference in the profit you make based on the volume you trade. I mean if you trade in overall 10 lots per month and generate 1000 pips profit you will gain around 100k USD but if you trade 100 lots/month that will bring you 1 million $.
Maybe like Bob said you better first read the basics in the school :slight_smile:

1000 PIPS per month don’t sound realistic for me, If anyone can make 1000pips per month constantly, soon they will be in FORBES billionaire list.

You clearly have no idea what youre talking about. Take a trip to the free school here and educate yourself before you mis-educate others

Welcome to the forum.

The saying “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind, here, because a “number of pips per month” is [B][U]not[/U][/B] a useful or an appropriate parameter by which to measure; nor is it a useful or an appropriate objective. So, there are two sources of information here, for you - and good luck … :slight_smile:

  1. School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading

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what is a usefull parameter? the joy people feel watching extraordinary boring charts and reading extraordinary dry articles trying to find a clue how to make pips but if they make them or not is not important because the process is what should bring fun and feed the family? :slight_smile:

a useful parameter is one in which folks who are “competent” in the subject matter, can agree on as being measurable.
1 pip at 1,000 a pip - is 1,000
10 pips at 100 a pip - is 1,000
100 pips at 10 a pip - is 1,000
1000 pips at 1 a pip - is 1,000
10000 pips at .01 a pip - is 1,000

So in my estimation, a blanket statement of “how do I make 1000 pips a month” is simply to vague for anyone to give a valuable response.

Something that orientates the learning-centres in one’s brain to be able to assimilate subsequent information in such a way that it’s [I]more[/I] likely (rather than [I]less[/I] likely) to prove beneficial (and less likely to need to be repeated at a later stage and viewed from a completely different perspective from the initial one) to what one’s trying to learn to do?

That was how I meant it, anyway.

This, too, perhaps. :slight_smile:

I have a fair and practical trading experience, you better read and stick to free school and theory, prove me any one trader who have achieved 1000pips monthly and maintened the same 1000pips average for 8 to 12 months, then i agree to you that im mis-educating others.

You won’t believe it, perhaps, but actually I’ve never yet had a speeding ticket, even though the number of speed cameras round here is enormous. (I know where most of them are, though, and the fact that I’ve driven only about 1,600 miles in the last year is also relevant.)

Read post 8, that should clarify why your previous statement was nonsense.
Not everyone trades with full lots on every trade, so while some are scalping for small numbers of pips but large lots, others look for 100’s of pips per trade but on smaller lots.
If your lot size equates to 10 cents per pip, 1000 pips will only bank you $100 in a month. Hardly going to get you onto Forbes list like you think, is it?
Its not rocket science

Im pleased to hear you have a fair and practical trading experience but surprised that you seem to think there is a direct correalation between the number of pips earned and profitability, thats something I wouldnt have expected from an experienced trader.
Let me give you an example, exagerrated I know and I’ll exclude brokers costs for simplicity, but its illustrates my point;

Sid opens a 0.01 lot trade in EurUsd. Price goes 2000 pips in his favour, so he closes the trade and banks his profit.
Sid then opens a 1 lot trade in EurUsd hoping to cash in on his good judgment. Now the market turns and goes 50 pips against him, so he closes his trade before it gets any worse.
So, Sid has earned a nett 1950 pips.
However he isnt appearing on the Forbes Billionaire list any time soon because he has lost money!
He won $200 on his winning trade but lost $500 on his losing trade.
Thats why I disagree with your original statement

I’m not backing him up as I’m sure this wasn’t his long term logic, but with compounding profits (which if in my opinion if you can’t afford to do you shouldn’t be trading live in the first place) pips gained LONG TERM do equate to overall money gained, sure the first few years a pip gained may equate to $0.10-$1.00 but with a winning percentage, proper R/R ratios set on ALL trades and good money management over the course of a career (hobby career if this is a side gig) a pip earned should always be more profitable than it was a year or two ago. Therefore if you can magically come up with a system that will net you ANY amount of pips (magic number seems to be 10 a day) you would (theoretically) be a millionaire in ~ a decade even starting with a small account.

Disclaimer - Obviously if it was this easy anybody who’s read a few books and looked through a few videos would be in Forbes but I digress. It’s what we’re all after!

You read the thread title AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN… I’m sure you DID NOT understand.

HOW TO MAKE 1000 PIPS PER MONTH. is the thread title.

If I know how to make 1000 pips per month,
I can and i will confidentially invest 1 Million dollar to trade.
I will sell even my farm house AND other properties which is not giving me any ROI.

Understand what I’m saying.
i will invest only if i know how to make 1000pips per month.

Now you do your lot calculation and dont forget to compound.
hope you will not trade 0.01 or 0.10 with a million dollar account.

I request you humbly to read the thread title first, forget all lot calculation,
Read again and again and again,

Now answer my question.
what will you do if you know(miraculously) to make 1000pips per month
what will you do?
will you trade in $1000 account? and trade in 0.01 and 0.10.

or you will invest more and trade in standard LOT.

I have no issue with the thread title, my issue was with your response to it

You state that ANYONE making 1000 pips per month will soon be in FORBES billionaire list.
Now you talk about investing a million to achieve this-I hate to disappoint you but not everyone has a million to invest, so clearly ANYONE can not make Forbes billionaire list.

I introduced lot calculation because, as I have already explained here and elsewhere, making pips does not guarantee making profit, so your post…

… is incorrect.

what will you do if you know(miraculously) to make 1000pips per month

1000 pips a month sounds a lot but it really isnt. Break it down, you only need to average 50 pips a day and you will surpass this. But, as I keep saying, pips does not neccessarily equal profit

what will you do?
will you trade in $1000 account? and trade in 0.01 and 0.10.
or you will invest more and trade in standard LOT.

I can assure you, [B]if[/B] I had $1m of risk capital I would invest in full lots. Unfortunately, neither I nor 99% of traders has this, so your point is mute.

this will be my last post on this subject, it is apparent you are not willing/able to understand my point. Furthermore, I am adding you to my ‘Ignore’ list so I do will not see your posts in future.

Enjoy your life

You talk about youself, Dont talk about the rest 99% traders potential.

I don’t think he’s talking about potential, he’s talking about access to $1m risk capital. Anyhow, as he’s put you on his ignore list he wont even see your post…