How to manage many MT4/5 terminals on one server

Hi, in this topic, I will share with you how I manage many terminals, if you want to start your journey with algo trading, it could be a good starting point :slight_smile:

  1. Each terminal in a separate folder, like each program, and therefore the trading terminal, must be installed in a separate folder for proper operation. It’s best to use the portable version, it increases your mobility if you change the server.
  2. Turn off system updates, system updates may lead to an uncontrolled restart, which may affect the operation of EA’s.
  3. Add a terminal shortcut to autostart, in case of an uncontrolled restart the terminals should start automatically along with the system.
  4. Install a maximum of 15 strategies per terminal, trading terminals have a limited number of sending channels, if you see the message “trade context is busy” in the journal tab, it’s time to transfer part of the strategy to the new terminal.
  5. hide quotes you don’t use
    minimize charts and terminals.
    Do not add indicators to the chart
    the above actions reduce the consumption of your server’s resources
  6. Number the terminals, when using multiple terminals you will have many identical icons on the taskbar. To speed up terminal identification, you can easily change the broker’s logo to a number.

Hope it will help you :slight_smile: