How to manage multiple MT4/MT5 accounts?

Hello guys,

Greetings to all! I need your help with one of my issues. I would like to handle MT4/MT5 accounts. But as a newbie, I don’t have a better experience of how to do that? Can you please help me to go ahead? I just found Forex Copier as a starter. But I need some more details.

I will wait for your reply. Thank you!

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Hi, what exactly you want to do? describe more details :slight_smile: Regards Greg

I have 2 mt4 and 1 mt5 account with different brokers and I need to manage them effectively (avoid manual copy-paste process) therefore I am looking for the software that can help me manage multiple mt4/mt5 accounts - thinking about Forex Copier

To place the same trades or different trades though?

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Same trades with lot multipliers.

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Use it. I would definitely suggest everyone buy it. Seriously it’s the best out there for copying your trades both locally and remotely. Let me know if you got any questions. Ill be happy to answer them for you.

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I’ve used this service for years:

Their programs work for both MT4 and MT5.

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I would like to use reverse trade feature, so that I’ll be able to get profit from losing ea. Do you have experience using reverse trade mode of copier?

Indeed it’s great if you’d like to get something out from a losing ea as you said. DId you try it out?

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I downloaded free demo version of Forex Copier 3 – it works really good so far. I tried reverse mode feature for one of my losing EA (I run it on my Demo MT account) and ForexCopier converts it to the opposite type of orders to my live MT account. So I receive a profit :relaxed: - very interesting feature!

Can i run multiple MT4/MT5 platforms on PC/Mobile at the same time ?

Yes its best to take out some profits from losing EAs. I would recommend to get the license its a one time investment for a lifetime benefit.

As far as I’m aware forex trade copier can only be used locally, like currently I’m using it on my source mt4 fxtm account and using fxview mt5 as the receiver account. I’m only able to manage both my accounts through it when they are on the same system. What I like best is that trades can be grouped as per symbol, profits, market price, stop loss, there’s just a whole lot of options.

I dont think that is possible. What you can do is login one account on desktop app and another on web trading platform.

I see from their website, that there is also remote version of forex copier - it can be used on different PC/VPS
Anyway you can try their free demo

There is Forex copier 2 and Forex copier 3. Isn’t it? What is the difference?

MT4 and MT5 are relatively new and a little difficult in the beginning but once you learn how to use them, it’s like hitting a jackpot

forex copier 2 is more useful for sending out signals so others can copy your trades.

yes, reverse trade is an interesting feature. Provides us with more ways to earn :slight_smile:

Managing multiple accounts can be a bit tough but it is surely recommended for risk management.