How to mark lesson complete?

I am doing preschool and other courses here. I don’t see any button to mark lesson complete. Any ideas?

I am at this lesson:

Hi @sach_nyc!

Welcome to the awesome BabyPips community.

It’s great to know that you’re currently going through the #1 Free Forex Education course online, BabyPips’ School of Pipsology! We hope it helps you get a headstart in your forex trading career.

About your question, in order to track your progress in the School, simply click on the “Yes” option found on this box at the end of each lesson.

Once you’ve done that and you decide to proceed to the next lesson, you’ll see that your tracker has been updated.

You’ll be able to easily track your progress from here.

Hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to shoot us a PM or reply to this post if you have any more questions. We’ll be happy to help!


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I hope, you got the answer by moderator. Good luck , happy learning

thanks. I did not click the individual links when I entered the course. now I see it.


A great initiative you have started. Please try to practice your lessons with demo accounts also to keep your practice easier, it will help you.

Hi @sach_nyc! I hope you are enjoying your learning experience in the School of Pipsology. It’s the best place to get you started.

I hope you don’t mind keeping us updated on your progress and trading performance! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yes, hope you are enjoying with great learning , good luck

You are most welcome on the babypips forum and I appreciate your interest towards the Forex market. In this regard, I woukd recommend you to click the check process option and click yes if you have completed the lesson. I also wish you a prosper future ahead. Thanks!

Wow. So many encouraging folks here! Which section are you now at, @sach_nyc? :slight_smile: