How to move 'data folder' of MT4/MT5 to a different partition instead of Win10 partition?


I’m looking for move ‘data folder’ of MT4/MT5 to a different partition instead of Win10 partition. I tried many times but didn’t worked for me;
Normally it goes in the user’s appData directory.

  1. You install the terminal else where and start it in /portable mode, the data goes in the install directory.
  2. Or you move the directory elsewhere and use mklink/j

method 2 is unable and method 1 is never worked for me. Its very strange that method 1 is not working for me while worked for everyone in the internet :frowning: I installed a new windows 10, again same issue happens. No virus, no malware is in my system.

My steps:
I copied everything from data folder:

To installation folder:

Then I modified the shortcut to ‘terminal.exe’:

*Note: some paths replaced by {X} is in screenshots only, its not indicating actual path.
*Note: I moved MT4 from C:\ to D:\ partition and my goal was to data folder here: ‘MT4 File> open data folder’ finally opens from D:\ but its not worked.
Also I disabled the UAC in Win10(x64).


Thnx :heart_eyes:



I fixed it finally!


hi what was the fix please?

Hiya @mabs

The process was explained is accurate and after a few restarts, for me, it’s worked.

Best of luck

SO sorry please explain how you moved the folder?

I just did and could explain.
When you normally run MT5, the data folder (which contains all account informations, EA, ecc) is created in a random folder with alphanumeric characters.
When you run MT5 with /portable, you are telling MT5: use the MT5 installation folder as data folder

BUT your installation folder actually contains no data so you will have a blank account.

SO you have to do the following steps:

  • Open MT5
  • File / Open Data Folder
  • Close MT5
  • Copy all files in Data Folder into the MT5 Installation directory
  • Start MT5 with /portable

The user campione initially wrote /Portable, and that doesn’t work. It has to be lowercase.