How to open trading account

How Open trading account …or app to trade?

You have to choose any one broker. You need to open an account under that broker. When the account is open, the MT4 or MT5 platform will be available on the website of that broker, from there you have to download and install it. And if you think there is a problem, you have to work with information online.

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Im sure Babypips have a tonne of info on starting one search through the school of pipsology as well :slight_smile:

yes , so many trading broker right now available in this trading place and you can choose one of them with mt4 trading platform.

Since you’re asking about opening a trading account, hopefully you would consider opening a demo account first before going live. By doing so, you avoid having real money losses while you’re still in the process of learning. You can open a demo account with most brokers.

psychology of school is really important and most important to trade in a demo account as a new Forex trader. its a combination practice and learning at the same time.