How to post charts on this forum

I have come across quite a few people (especially people new to this forum) who seek to know how to put a full size chart on this forum.

As far a I know - and I have been here as one of the longest posters - no one has ever given instructions for this work.

So, for the first time ever, I am going to post here full, step by step, simple instructions on how to post a chart on this forum.

I trust it will be of help to all those who need it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There are 3 stages in this operation ;

  1. Process you picture in Microsoft Paint.

  2. Load into [B]Imageshack [/B]or [B]Photobucket[/B].

  3. Load picture from [B]Imageshack[/B]/[B]Photobucket [/B]into your forum post.

[B][U]Stage 1 � Processing your picture.[/U][/B]

  1. Open a new file in My Documents and call it [U]Forum Charts[/U] (or similar).

  2. With you chart/picture on the screen, press [U]print screen[/U] on the keyboard.

  3. Open Microsoft Paint and click [U]edit/paste[/U].

  4. By becoming familiar with the Paint program, you can do all sorts of editing, such as coloring, adding text, drawing arrows, erasing etc.

  5. When you have finished editing, click [U]image/stretch-skew[/U] and reduce the picture size both horizontal and vertical to 54%.

[B]This reduction exercise is most important.[/B]

Both [B]Imageshack [/B]and [B]Photobucket [/B]take reduced picture sizes, since they upload billions of images.

Both can automatically reduce your full picture size, but it will take [U]several [/U][U]minutes [/U]to do so, even at the highest broadband speeds.

On the other hand Microsoft Paint reduces your picture size [U]instantanously[/U], and, therefore, saves you much time, especially if you have to load many pictures, as I do.

  1. [U]Save the reduced size picture[/U] into the Forum Charts file.

[B][U]Stage 2 � Loading your pictures into the image server.[/U][/B]

  1. Go to the websites of [B]Imageshack [/B]and [B]Photobucket[/B].
    Familiarise yourself with their operation, then choose one of them for your work.
    Register as required.

  2. Login.

  3. For [B]Imageshack[/B], click [U]upload[/U].
    For [B]Photobucket[/B], click [U]upload from computer [/U]and select the [U]17[/U]� [U]screen option[/U] for the picture.

  4. In both cases, a My Documents window will appear.
    Navigate to the Forum Charts file and click the [U]reduced picture[/U].
    In [B]Photobucket [/B]the picture will automatically upload.
    In [B]Imageshack [/B]you click [U]upload[/U].

  5. When finished, the pictures will appear on your webspace.
    In [B]Photobucket[/B], you will need to click [U]my album[/U] to get all your pictures together.

[B][U]Stage 3 � Downloading the pictures onto the forum.[/U][/B]

  1. In [B]Imageshack [/B]click the [U]share it[/U] icon next to the image.
    In [B]Photobucket [/B]click the [U]little blank box[/U] under the image.

  2. In [B]Imageshack [/B]a window appears with a heap of data on it for thumbnails and for full size pictures.
    Click the [U]full size data[/U] and it will highlight.
    [U]Copy/paste[/U] it into your forum post.
    You are finished.

In [B]Photobucket[/B], click [U]generate html image code[/U] at the bottom of your pictures.
A window appears with 5 lots of code on it.
Click the [U]lot 4[/U] and it will highlight.
[U]Copy/paste[/U] it into your forum post.
You are finished.

[B]END. [/B]

Hi Tymen, why can’t this post be a hyperlink from a sticky for newbies.

What i mean to say is that it would be great to have a newbie sticky just below
how to become an honorary member of the FX-Men.

This one sticky could contain links to all of these great posts so that you guys don’t have to continually retype this information over and over again?

So then the first things newbies should do then would be to check the sticky to see if it then contains the information that the are looking for.

When ever I wanted to put a chart (like an image, right?) I clicked in the image, wrote the link and done!
Isn�t that easier?

I agree with you.
Send a message to the Administration or post in [U]Bugs and Suggestions.[/U]

Posted by FXJHONNY

When ever I wanted to put a chart (like an image, right?) I clicked in the image, wrote the link and done!
Isn�t that easier?

Sorry, I do not understand clearly.

Would you care to elaborate because your post sounds very interesting?

This is possible in MT4 as long as you do not want to make
any changes to the jpeg, but if you need to make alterations
to the chart this is not possible using just MT4.

ie in MT4 click on scrren scroll down to “save picture as…”,
then save as “active workspace”

As usual their are more than one ways to catch a cat.

I understand now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My posts here are general in nature and are meant to allow for posting [U]any [/U]chart from any broker program, any picture or diagram.

It was meant for everything, not just MT4. :slight_smile:

Yep when I post a chart is just the image without making anychanges, just postit a couple of times because I wanted to show the move of a pair, I didn�t do anything to the image�.
That mast be the catch of the cat heheheh