How to put signatures?

Please tell me that how to put signatures under your posts?

Unfortunately, the Babypips administration has disabled the signature function quite a while ago.

I guess too many people have used it to advertise pay-websites and/or -services.

If you want a signature to appear below your posts, you’ll have to do it manually: draw a line and then type out your signature on WordPad; save it, so you won’t have to do it all over again. Copy/paste it below your forum posts.


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Thanks for the reply pal)

I am totally agree with “PaladinFX”. Manual action is the only way to add signature.

Large banners in signatures are just another way to confuse the reader.

I’m a newbie to trading , I’m an I.T. Veteran

if your after a more technical answer, and , i don’t know how Tech Savy the Trading world is,

but, i do agree with Paladin FX, TO A POINT

adding a signature really depends on how the webmaster has setup the site

Here’s what i mean

if the site is setup to be similar to Stack Overflow, whereby if i was to add HTML code right here in the post, and the site was configured to recognize HTML and convert it to text

then you could just whip out a text editor like NOTEPAD++ Which does a better job than Microsoft Notepad, and you could make a signature and copy the HTML right into your post

but, it seems that this site may not support that, i’ts Smart of them to do that .

Your other options are to type it in every single time

Your other option is to use a Text Editor or Word Processor, Use Notepad ++ or MS Notepad,
don’t use MS Word of Open Office Writer, You’ll find they add formatting that will make your signature appear different to how you created it in word

You could pre make a signature and Copy and Paste it, as text
I’m pretty sure pictures won’t be an option, but you can try

and that, is about it

if pictures are available
You could always crack out a piece of A4 paper , and a big thick black texta and sign your name
and reduce the size of your Picture and put that up

or you could Photoshop what you wanted and save it as a Jpeg and upload that, if Jpegs are supported.

i wouldn’t recommend posting your actual signature online though
it’s just an option

outside of that

Your Pretty much out of options.

Hope this has helped

Elaborate signatures aren’t allowed, even if manually typed out.



that’s what i suspected
I suppose, Considering that Nature of this site, That’s a Fair Call, i think.

After all we are not here to look at someone’s animated GIF’s and Marvel at the coolness of it,
We are here to Make Money

A Simple Professional Text Signature should be more than enough,
Even a Signature on this site, i think, is not necessary, That’s my take on the matter.