How to set alerts?

Hello all,
i please need someone to tell me how to set alerts on my charts so that it will send me email or text mesasages when there is a moving average crossover or a good trade entry. Thanks so much for your advice!


I’d also like to know this. I’m using metatrader and I know theres a “sendmail” function but I can’t find any documentation on it. I’ve only found forums where people request their indicators or EA to be modified to send alerts. I’d like to learn how to do it myself.

I was looking for an MACD signal and theres one on the link you sent me. I put it in the indicators folder but when I tried to use it, nothing would happen. So then I thought, ok maybe its an EA. Now I’m pretty new to EAs and I think I did everything right but I get no signals emailed. I have the email set up in MT and the test works so I know thats not it.

Thanks again hobbit, Imma go try it out right now.

edit: Tried it out and it works good for regular alerts within MT, but what I want is an email alert. Now if I could find some documentation about the sendmail function I can probably replace the audiable alert with the sendmail.

After a little more searching I found this. I’ve added this to the indicator. Lets see if it works.