How to set my Signature?

As above, how do I set my signature? Can’t seem to find any way to do it?

Signatures have been disabled for many months (years?), for some reason.

I see. I just joined, so didn’t know. Thanks

Welcome to the forum, DarkMicro. I should have said that before. Didn’t mean to be rude.

Regarding signatures, you can always add one by hand, when you really want to make a point.

Here are a couple that I’ve added by hand to previous posts:

Risk is the Price we pay for Opportunity

Proud to be on Obama’s Enemies List

I’m assuming that you know how to change fonts, text size, text color, centering, etc. The examples above are size 1, and are centered.

If you ever want to know how a particular poster formatted his post, you can click “reply with quote”, and all the formatting will be displayed in the quoted material.

[B]It’s time to restore SIGNATURES to the Babypips forum. [/B]

Hello Clint and DarkMicro,

We disabled this once upon a time because some of the members were taking advantage of it by adding links to their blog sites or products/services they offer.

We’ll revisit this topic again soon and we’ll definitely let you know what the status is of this one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this up Clint!