How to shop wisely and save a lot of money

We all do shopping. We buy products we need and we buy for fun even if we get along just fine without it. Since in the 21st capitalist consumer-oriented society shopping is an inseparable part of our lives, there are measures you can take to help you shop more wisely and spend less money:

  1. Always buy clothes at the end of the season. For example, buy summer clothes just before winter arrives. Buying clothes that way may save you up to 40%!
  2. Never buy anything at the first shop you come across. Carry out a thorough research to find out whether there are similar products which are cheaper.
  3. Do not be ashamed to bargain. You would be surprised to find out that shop owners are willing to offer significant discounts to persistent customers who are unwilling to pay the product’s initial price.
  4. Most importantly, do your best to avoid buying things you do not really need. When I go to the supermarket, I use a shopping list and I stick to it 100%.
    In sum, saving money is up to us. Being a wise consumer is the key to leading a proper life from the economic point of view.
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I agree with most of those. I do, however, allow myself a certain budget for items not on my list, as I feel too constrained the other way.

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I agree with all those points…now my wife on the other hand, that’s a completely different story. I reckon that Bill Gates’ wife is on a tighter budget than my other half :frowning:

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One more advice. Do not make the purchase in a bad mood. The assertion that the shopping is excellent medicine for many blues taken too literally. "Therapeutic buy "should be only perform planned and intelligently.

After reading your thread one thing I understood is I am very very bad at shopping skill. I am an impulsive buyer and never used to think about whether that product is useful to me?. Especially in the case of dress and electronic gadgets. I am addicted to dress purchasing, and 60% of them become useless now and I lost my whole salary by buying some electronic goods. Now I am in need of a house cleaning service which can make my home graceful and orderly by removing all the electronic wastes. And I will surely gonna call Handimaids cleaning service this week itself.

wait till you’re really broke - I just bought myself 10 very nice pull over shirts and 3 great pair of pants - total cost $36 - and now I have clothes for at least a year.

When I go to supermarket, aside from buying my shopping list I like to search discounted product which might be usefull. Oh and buying secondhand product in good quality saves alot too

You could save yourself some money (but not time) and do that yourself. It might help by looking at what you bought that you don’t need, and reinforce the idea of saving money.

I think of myself as pretty budget-oriented, but my girlfriend is even stricter than me. I feel so lucky :smiley: Have you attempted to educate her about the long-term effects of saving more?

I have been tracking all my expenses a year, and it does help alot. Good idea!

I just analyze a month for all their purchases.And plan for the next month. It helps

I won’t buy a thing unless it’s on sale. I wish we have coupons in our country.

You need money to spend it, why else would you need it? For example, I can spare some money to buy a good present for my loved onse. They will remember it and memory means a lot - respect and love to name a few. And money in a safe is just money in a safe.

I got it in the habit of not going shopping with an empty stomach long ago because otherwise I buy a huge amount of things I don’t actually need like sweets and etc.

Do shopping on websites where products are cheaper and it’s also desirable to wait for sales. You mustn’t go hungry in the supermarket because you’ll start buying a lot of unnecessary goods.

I had to start wearing clothes whenever I went to the mall. Not because I was buying too many clothes, because the judge ordered me to

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I noticed this too. So I make sure I’ve eaten before I head to the supermarket.

I’ve also been trying to do even my grocery shopping online. I think this helps in buying only what I really need and avoiding impulse buys.

I know this thread was discussed a while ago, but I wanna say that my favorite tip to save money is thrifting. You can find unique pieces at a cool price.

Yes, thrifting is a great way to save some money, and it’s also good for the environment. But I feel that not all people are into this. Some people like to buy new clothes and not to wear them after someone.

I always check what discounts the local stores have before I go shopping. Sometimes some things can be bought in bulk for a long period of time instead of buying them at the regular price every week or several times a week.