How to start a binary options trade?

how to open a binary options trade? In which broker is a binary options trade market?
I want to mean that after deposited fund, what should i do?
anybody can explain me?

why you deposit money without knowing what to do??
try demo account to get familiar with …
anyway you chose a instrument for example eur usd then you can choose a expiration date for example 1 minute and then you decide if you want to buy or sell the instrument with the amount of money you willing to invest…thats it…after this minute you will see if you loos your investment or you make money…
but do yourself a favor and try demo first…you need to know what you are doing before deposting your hard earned money :wink:

I can advise you to try brokers demo. Many of them offer this service. You can practice with it. HighLow review broker provides it free with $10 000 virtual funds, for example.

I think the most important to understand about binary options trading is the right approach as how you manages your risk and money, as you have mentioned that you already opened a live account to start trading. Please note that trading is easier but earning money with trading is quite riskier and difficult. You should start trading the demo account and practice it with different strategies before going to trade live. It is also advisable to start with minimum amount to check the broker internal process. Good luck