How to study recurring patterns to trade?

Hello everyone,

I’m in a phase where I can’t find a “trading system” for me.
For about 3 years I did heavy strategy hopping, tried out indicators and different systems and have stuck with price action trading for over a year.

For the most part, I’m at a breakeven point with my trading and would like to finally bring in stability and profitability and growth.
Because of all the screen time, I sometimes trade something here, sometimes something there. But I notice that it doesn’t help me make any progress because I have no confidence in these gut feeling trades. This means I often mess up.

Now what I’m getting at:

I would like to set up a clear system
1 or 2 setups and become an expert at it.

And simply do this on repeat.

How do I best implement this? How would you proceed?

What I have already done several times is the following:

Watch a certain time window every day and observe what repeats itself.
How can I then specify these things and go into detail?
I want to have clear data.
Would like to know how you document this and how you collect the data?
How would you trade it then? Would you then set an alert?

I thank you for your support…


Addtion: I found a certain pattern that I think is very good but it seems to appear randomly. How can I find out when and where to find it?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: I think you should organize your knowledge Learn How to Trade the Markets and maybe you will find something for yourself, jumping from method to method only slowing down your progress. Regards Greg

There are certainly people who have done that, and made it work well for them, and become very successful that way.

But a really very tiny minority of people, I think?

Not disparaging your aspiration and extreme ambition at all, but might that be something for later, when you have more experience?

So, you’ve done that several times but are stuck, and needing help? The lesson there is maybe that that’s not what’s going to work for you, and now it’s time to try something different?

They mostly do.

Just a suggestion, but might it be both better and easier to accept that it appears randomly and either look for another one instead, look for something very similar on a more convenient timeframe, or maybe even try an entirely different approach?


Set alert at a price level that is too high, sell there. Set alert for a buy somewhere “low”. That’s all I’ve found to have a slight edge over random entries.

Trade entry criteria doesn’t really matter much as it’s the least important metric of a trade (no entry is advantageous if buying the Ask and selling the Bid with your counterparty broker).
Position size and risk management are key. If you’re having trouble getting past breakeven (expected outcome), try implementing a smaller position size, then enter again if the trade goes against you. To achieve greater win streaks than losing streaks, keep your R:R ratio below 1 (stop further than TP).

There are no reliable patterns anymore. Algorithmic traders have built systems to identify and exploit any pattern (visible or not) to death… so much that they are perfectly random now (as liquidity is limited). If a pattern worked 6 of 10 times last week on EurUsd, it’s edge has been set to be exploited by every trade simulator over the weekend, making it 4 of 10 success rate the next week. The patterns that worked 8 of 10 times, suddenly go 2 of 10 the following.

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