How To Survive Attacks While Posting on This Forum

That is life in any forum or Youtube comment section, I like to compare these people to the screaming monkey’s from 2001 Space Odyssey. This people are basically throwing their own poop and loss their argument with the first name ( poop) thrown.

depending on my mood at the time I might either totally ignore them or if I am feeling ornery , I might just rattle the monkey cage just for laughs

We all like a good rattle @Dennis3450 from time to time :wink:

I think, it doesn’t matter to me, attack all you like, as long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line. Trading sites have always been an interesting study in Psychology. For example, if someone is the center of a couple of jokers joking, well if one is confident in themselves, their trading etc. I don’t understand why they would care.

I have an opinion, you have an opinion, you call me a poopy head, how does that diminish my opinion, or my self worth for that matter. I still live on the Palatial VIPER Ranch and Estate, have been married to the most Beeeeutiful woman in the world for 35 years, have a modicum of health, and am surrounded by nieces and nephews who are well balanced and respectful Youts. So if that is the case, why would anyone complain about someone halfway around the world, calling them a poopy head.

If you have ever have the experience of watching someone take their last breath, it kind of pales. Also I can’t see how a “trader” who gets emotionally off balance about what happens on an internet board, could successfully manage a wrong side, fat finger, naked short, for a half a yard in a fast running market. I just can’t see it. Can’t handle message board issues but can handle managing what could be a catastrophic loss?

I do believe that if questions are raised about certain statements, when it comes to trading, if one considers oneself to be a professional, these questions should be answered by the person who posted it. Statements cannot be “Fiat” reality. It’s not a matter of, “well I said it, and people should accept it”. If you are putting it out there, you should be able to defend it, and accept the fact that people will question it. Now with that being said, If a poster does not have the experience, or intellectual ability to defend their point, maybe they should not post it at all. In my culture it is rude not to answer a question, I have seen this behavior at it really is rude, even if the person being questioned is thinking “I will not dignify that with an answer”.

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I have the very same experience.
Once I have shown one guy here what is free margin he and his friends did attack every my post and he has got even supported by admin.
I think these old fat carps here cant stand anyone with fresh opinions not aligned with their stubborn thinking.

So dont worry you are not alone with such experience :slight_smile:


No hard feelings togr, when you finally get it right you’ll know :wink:

A few more years perhaps

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That’s optimistic.

This forum certainly has a reputation for attacks surviving moderation, but in this instance, does it never occur to people who feel they’re being “attacked” to ask themselves what it might be about their own behaviour here that leads so many people disparaging them?

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Sometimes, the battle is lost, but the war is being won. I think finally, it is dying down a bit. Thanks for the encouragement, and best of luck on your trading.

There is nothing you could do or say that should “deserve” a personal attack. it is just not warranted. There is just no excuse for it. If I say something inflammatory in one of my posts, I would expect the moderators to take it down immediately.


Some guys here are not capable to admit they were wrong
They will attack you instead to learn something

There’s no place on a trading forum for personal attacks. But a one-off remark might just be that, just an un-characteristic one-off remark made in a hurry or under stress.

Its important to identify what’s going on.

Sadly, there are people in the world who can only feel validated when they think they can see someone else who is behind them in the race or the queue or the competition. They aren’t interested in debating technique nor in helping others improve. In fact, they absolutely must have others around whom they can label as failures so they can feel good.

There is no winning with such types, any engagement with them would lead to an eventual stoney silence or increasingly personal attacks, as they cannot be reasoned out of an irrational position.


Is there somewhere a wannabe trader can go for a hug? Please advise …

I remember seeing an attractive young lady in the Latin Quarter in Paris walking around with a piece of cardboard on which she had written " Free Hugs". Being English I avoided eye contact and pretended to be looking in a shop window. But I sometimes wonder…


Haha! Now that is definitely an English skill - to “window shop” and still observe that she was “an attractive young lady”! :smiley:


Well, well, well, Steve, bit of a sensitive type now ain’t we. Not a good trait in a speculator. Now we both know that the one of the people you are talking about is me. And since you have accused me of being a troll, thug, hired goon or whatever it is you wish to refer me as, I now have the right to face my accuser and defend myself against such allegations. The result will be one of two things. At best my post will get heavily edit or deleted, or at worst I’ll get banned. Either way makes no difference to me. So let’s get started with a big

Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river, dear moderators and forum members, show pity on me because I have been called out.

Doesn’t cut the mustard where I come from son. “Attacks” in the forum what a farce. No genuine member here on the forum has ever been “attacked”. Only marketers, frauds and charlatans. This is an educational site and needs to remain free of such contamination. Whereas the mods can be slow to act on the first two types, they usually act in the end. However charlatans tend to be protected. Why, I don’t really know but I suspect (my opinion now) it’s something to do with revenue raising. They (the mods) make no excuses in starting this is a business and they have bills to pay and profit to make for the stakeholders. The selling of forex education is far more profitable and requires far less effort and knowledge to the actual act of trading.

So what do charlatans and revenue raising have to do with each other. Well charlatans tend to bomb the forum with post after post after post of wishy washy feel good stories. Tell the punters what they want to hear. This in turns promotes punters to a) return and then b) click on advertising providing revenue. No-body wants to hear this game is not for you - walk away. Reality is, this is the exact message most people need to hear.

5 years ago when I first came to this forum, all I knew about the markets was that if I speculate on currency exchange rates I could in turn profit. I worked my way through the school and then started reading the forum. Back then there were many many high quality posters. People whom could actually help us newbies. You posted a question and at least a dozen members would respond offering their personal views and experience. However the popularity of the forum along with the ease of access to the markets quickly attracted the scum marketers and frauds. They started bombing the forum with their get rich quick schemes. I suspect this is what started to drive the quality membership base away as lazy newbies got attracted to these higgs bosons as they sold them the message they wanted to hear. The members got sick of arguing with them and the mods over them. The mods didn’t care. The popularity of the forum was growing, they didn’t have to do a thing and the revenue was rolling in.

Eventually, the forum was purged of these marketing scum but it came at a cost. The activity of the quality membership base had also suffered. How does the saying go, no-one wins a war. And traffic to the site started to decline. No traffic, no revenue, but the bills still needed to be paid. In rolls the charlatans.

Now, those of us that actually know a thing or two about speculating can spot them a mile away. You stand out like dog’s ballz (note to mods, “to stand out like dogs ballz”, Australian bogan slang meaning to be very obvious, to not fit and to be out of place). There should be no place for them in this forum. However without your kind there is no-one left to “sell the dream”. So, in the current market conditions, the stakeholders need you or they run the real risk of the site drifting into obscurity and then they’ll have to go get a job picking cotton.

Us thugs, trolls and hired goons, we have no tolerance to lazy, greedy people whom ain’t committed to doing the hard work. We have even less tolerance for charlatans. The message you sell is cut and paste mumbo jumbo that makes the reader dumber for experiencing it. It adds no value to the reputation of the site ensuring quality members don’t return. It certainly helps no-one achieve their dreams and that comes from personal experience. Which is why I have no problems calling the likes of you out.

Now, before you respond Steve, think about this. Babypips is littered with posts of my personal journey. From the early years of failed systems such as Bobs MTF LWMA System to my current system Profiting from noise - Price Action Trading on Tick Charts which I trade each and every day. I also put alot of hard work with some fellow devoted members on this thread Donchian Channel Trading. I have made no secret that I am no educator, teacher or master trader. Just and ordinary Joe doing an extraordinary thing that us armchair speculators shouldn’t be able to do. But I still have a long long way to go.

So I say toughen up Steve. Offer the community some original thought, a glimpse into a day in the life of Steve the trader. Some personal experience you have made as a speculator. Or, if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen - in your case, back to your wellness center Steve Epperson | Facebook.

But lets leave it up to the membership base to decided. Do us “thugs” unfairly target members like Steve?

  • Yes, there is a level of unreasonable attacks on certain members and the thugs need to back off.
  • No, the thugs are justified in highlighting charlatans and we benifit from knowing whom they are.

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Well, there you go again. I don’t understand the emotion, if I am wrong or misunderstood, I apologize. I said something, Tacita read something, and as G. B. Shaw said “two nations divided by a common language”. Bottom line I apologized for the misunderstanding, it is what properly bred people do.

However, apologizing for correcting misleading and ignorant statements, never. When you trade OPM, you have to have a high level of integrity or you end up like Madoff. So when I see statements regarding keeping only 50k in an account, I have to say something, lest some new person to the board actually believe it. It’s like the difference between ECN and STP, it is misunderstood all the time, and used improperly. Also, if you are going to quote something, then, put it into “quotes” and state you are doing so, and the source.

I have spoken to the Robot Elders about this issue, and I was told that I may quote the misstatement, and refute it, that is all I need. No I’m not a thug, or a troll, more like an enforcer of truth.

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Wow, membership base, egad, if I was still an IB, I would have to get a real job with only 7 accounts the commissions wouldn’t even pay to feed the Mules. .

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Well said bob, I’m staying out of this one though - my quick trigger responses have apparently crossed the old BP line on a few occasions, regardless of the… [insert here your own comments]

Also, pretty sterling results on your poll, hopefully more participants will contribute to reinforce the obvious.

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Hey do I get and award for the most attacks against spammers in 5 min.

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No, but you should - and some of your posts are laugh-out-loud funny, too. :sunglasses:

Thanks, that means a lot, :smile: Seriously.

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