How to tax for profit from trading forex in New Zealand?

As a profitable trader, Now I start to consider the tax detail for profit from trading Forex,
And I try to immigrate to New Zealand.

Does anyone know how to tax for profit from trading Forex in New Zealand?

For example,
My average profit is us$6000 per month with scalping and EA strategy, each day with profit, could be treated as day trading.

If I immigrate to New Zealand, and my Forex broker is FXCM in Australia, seem the profit will be typed to oversea profit?

Hi, I think you should ask bookkeeper from New Zealand, they have specialist knowledge about tax in their country :grinning: Regards Greg

Thanks for your reply. I am also trying to search in the internet, still not get the key tax point in New Zealand.
So If someone can provide some useful information, will be appreciate.

Look through the internet, Trading forex is mostly treated as income gain.
New Zealand Income tax is 33% for above NZ$70000/Year.

And big risk is if using broker FXCM in Australia for New Zealand resident,

Australia may tax you, then New Zealand tax again.